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Mastering Advanced Strategies to Boost Your YouTube Channel Promotion

Posted: August 2, 2023 at 3:47 pm / by / comments (0)

About 3.7 million new videos are uploaded to the YouTube platform daily – needless to say, is it worth a colossal effort to get noticed here? Below we shared a list of recommendations that can increase your chances of success in this challenging task.

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Make Your Thumbnails Visually Appealing

The first thing a user sees when they visit your channel or when your video appears in search results is the thumbnails of your videos. So, they should be as “clickbait” as possible. There are several generally accepted requirements for miniatures, including:

  • 1280X720 resolution (with a minimum width of 640 pixels)
  • JPG, GIF, or PNG format
  • Size up to 2 MB
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

However, in addition to the above characteristics, you will need to evoke emotions in your viewers that will make them click. For example, you can depict yourself there, conveying the central thesis of your video with facial expressions. You will also need to think about a textual description of the main question or problem that your video addresses. As a result, you may end up with several thumbnails to test and choose the best one.

Remember the Importance of Regularity

You must remember the importance of regular posting – this is what will be the trigger for subscribing to your channel. Moreover, if you talk about the topic of the next one in your videos, it will encourage your viewers to follow the updates of your content, and thus you will be of interest to them on an ongoing basis.

Go Live

Livestreams are a great way to connect with your audience in an informal manner. They became especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, but even after it ended, YouTube users did not stop demonstrating increased interest in them.

Of course, creating content in this format can be quite difficult for beginners – from planning a scenario to worrying about how you look and what you have to say. However, in reality, you will be able to overcome all your worries and challenges after a couple of live broadcasts. Moreover, for the regularity of such content, you do not have to sit in front of the camera 24/7, for which we can thank special software for looping videos. Actually, is an example of such software, also you can use software like OBS Studio or other tools for 24/7 live streaming.

Make Collabs

To attract new audience segments, you can form a collaboration with other platform bloggers. Note that this is a rather difficult task since to persuade one or another content creator to share a video and agree on the conditions for its shooting, you will have to spend a lot of time, nerve cells, and, possibly, money.

Work on Titles and Descriptions

Text titles and descriptions play an important role both in the internal SEO of the YouTube platform and in the external SEO that takes place in search engines like Google. In particular, creating capacitive titles and descriptions that describe what will happen in your video will be positively received by search robots, and you will increase the chances that your content will be at the top.

Use Keywords

Using keywords in text titles and descriptions will also have a positive impact on your SEO strategy. In general, you can peek at the most relevant ones from your competitors or do this directly in the platform’s search bar by starting to enter a query that most accurately reflects the topic of your particular video.

Search terms are matched with both the video and the text in the description, aiding viewers in discovering your content.

Create Shorts

YouTube shorts are defined as short videos shooted using a smartphone. In fact, this content format is already well known to Tiktok users, and the YouTube team just decided to repeat this feature within its platform. Unlike full-length videos, YouTube applies for Shorts different search engine optimization algorithms, but following the rules for creating such content will allow you to get the coveted views much faster than it would be the case with full-length videos.

Combine Your Videos into Playlists

Combining your videos into playlists will help your channel visitors navigate your content faster; also, it will improve your SEO. The fact is that grouping content united by similar keywords is positively perceived by search engines, which means that in this way, you can attract more organic traffic than ever before.

Interact with Your Audience

You should not neglect the comments that your viewers leave under your videos – it makes sense to respond to them, at least selectively. In this way, you will show your respect for the audience and will be able to find out their wishes for your subsequent content.

Come Up with CTA

Each of your videos must have a specific goal, whether it’s a subscription to your channel, like, a link, an advertisement, or something else. Whatever its goal is, you need to deliver it to your audience in a ‘call to action’ format. It is best to do this both at the beginning and at the end of the video since not all viewers watch the video until the last seconds.

Promote Your Subscribe Button Anywhere

Finally, you will need to take care to integrate the subscribe button and its link in your video description, as well as in all external resources that you use to interact with your target audience, whether it be your profiles on other social networks, email newsletters, your personal website, or something else.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have helped you understand the techniques for promoting your YouTube channel, and now you can build a comprehensive strategy to achieve Internet fame. In our other articles, we will delve into the details of these recommendations to ensure an even deeper understanding of the specifics of YouTube promotion.

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