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Marketing Your Medical Practice: Brand Perception and Awareness Facts

Posted: August 25, 2014 at 9:44 am / by / comments (0)

Your Chiropractic practice is your life. You’ve studied for years to get where you’re at now, but your business isn’t where it should be. Maybe you need a transformative marketing plan. You need something that will shake up your brand and your marketplace. Here are 8 factors that influence people to buy.

Comfort and Inspiration

For most chiropractic new patients, there’s an element of mystique surrounding how this all works. You crack and pop a few joints and suddenly everything is all better. But, the kind of comfort that people want to know is “Am I uplifted by this brand?” People want to feel good about coming to you and about recommending you to others.

Believe it or not, people may not recommend you if your office doesn’t look professional enough or if your staff are rude – even if you personally do a stellar job. Think about how your business generates confidence and respect in the marketplace.

Authority and Stability

Are you a thought-leader in your industry? If not, you need to be one. Sure, there are some brands out there surviving on the coattails of past successes. But, they’re dinosaurs that are on their way out. You don’t want to live off of the name of your brother, father, or business partner who initially had a good idea and then left or died.

You need to keep innovating. You need to take your industry in a new direction and forge your own identity within the marketplace. Consumers don’t want a “me too” business. They want leaders. They trust people who are thought-leaders.

Innovation and Growth

What is your company’s capacity for growth? Are you a one-man operation? If so, do you have a scalable practice that you could build using the strengths of other practitioners? Today, consumers look for stability in brands, and that means companies that have growth potential and a reputation for innovation.


What dos the competitive marketplace look like? How does your company motivate action and separate itself from its peers? You need to have a unique selling proposition, and one that’s not based on price or service. Everyone claims to have the best technique or service. Everyone claims to be “reasonably priced.” What else do you have to offer other than gimmicks?

Social Impact-Proof and Influence

Is your brand simply maintaining the status quo? Or, does it have the ability to transform lives? Does it have the ability to change people’s perceptions and really make a difference in how people think? If not, your brand may be a temporary one – headed for the dustbin.

Brand Image and Communication

What does your brand communicate to its customers every day? Do you know? Don’t guess on this one. If you haven’t a clue, hire a marketing firm to find out for you. Sometimes, the marketing messages you think are positive are actually negative.

Individuality and Exclusivity

What are the unique personality traits of your company? Does it have a personality? How is your practice different from other Chiropractors? Do you offer nutritional supplement support? Advanced diagnostics? Do you perform more than just adjustments? Do you have in-house specialists for different health concerns? Do you use more preventative or functional medicine than other doctors?

Emotional Response

What is the emotional response your customers have when they interact with you? What are the primary triggers and influencers of those emotional responses?

William Hanlon’s marketing career spans decades. With a great knack for the health sector, he enjoys blogging about the tips and tricks of modern marketing strategies for today’s businesses.

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