Making diesel engines more fuel efficient & cleaner for the environment

David Rechberger the CEO and CTO of technology company BoostBox H2 and its technology that helps reduce diesel fuel usage and costs while at the same time improving the environment by cutting greenhouse and other detrimental gases joins Enterprise Radio.

It is good for such varied areas of trucking and marine transportation all the way through stationary power units such as diesel generators.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest David Rechberger discuss the following:

  • What is a BoostBox H2 unit and what is the technology all about?
  • In brief, can you explain how it works?
  • Can you tell us what audiences the BoostBox H2 can benefit and why it’s important right now?
  • As a startup, what have been the greatest challenges you have faced?
  • Has been being both a CEO and CTO been an advantage for you?

The 7th generation BoostBox H2 system is a ruggedized 18″x16″x14″ box made of recycled and recyclable materials. Inside, the top half houses our technology and the bottom half is a water reservoir which holds enough water for around 2500 miles of on road use.  This reliable system has a single moving part, a Swiss military grade diaphragm pump.  On-the-road use is as simple as adding distilled water.

A typical installation takes 3 hours to mount the box on the catwalk behind the cab or on the chassis rail, as well as add an in-dash display for the driver to monitor the system.

The BoostBox H2 system is designed as an aftermarket installation for trucking industry, but can be modified for other industrial or commercial applications including construction, agricultural, diesel pick-ups, class 8 trucks, box trucks, and buses.


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