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Make Your Dinner Party Details Daring and Undeniably Dashing

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Create a spectacular soiree full of chic, show-stopping statements, delicious dishes, and stunning centerpieces that will ensure your guests feel part of the party. With thoughtful planning, you can be unabashedly bold, yet flirty, while designing a dinner party that is not only beautiful but perfectly effortless. The Julia Knight Collection offers one-of-a-kind pieces that are artisanally made, and are sure to inspire the imagination of every guest.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


Determine your guest list at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Typically, for a formal dinner affair, you will want to consider the seating arrangements and how many guests can comfortably sit in your dining room. To simplify the prep work, keep the guest count to 10-16. This will keep your efforts manageable and will still allow you to time to engages with guests during the event. Because this occasion is a little more formal, keep in mind, an invitation is the perfect way to ensure your guests feel welcomed and adored. 


Your table will be the heart and soul of the entire party. You’ll want to create something that is warm and luxurious yet inviting and unforgettable. To make a statement, the Peony 14.5” Pedestal Gala Bowl is ideal for a memorable centerpiece of your favorite florals. Pair this with the Classic 16” Hors d’oeuvres Tray, the Classic Pagoda Bowl and the gorgeous Classic Yin Yang Bowl and you will have a table that is inviting and irresistible. Add color and depth with serveware utensils, such as the Classic Salad Serving Set, the Classic Spreaders, Cocktail Forks, and Spoons, for a layering that is stylish and sophisticated. 


Once you’ve finalized your guest list, determined your table style, it’s now time to design an elegant menu. Keep in mind, a spectrum of color, starting with the freshest seasonal finds from your local farmers’ market. To keep your efforts, effortless, consider tried and true family recipes that showcase your abilities as a tastemaker. Layer in artisanal bread and baked goods, for that decadent homestyle feeling. Start with a vibrant salad made with the crisp finds of the season. As the main course, consider something simple, yet hearty, such as a savory roast or a stunning salmon, adorned with lemons and dill sprigs. For dessert, keep it 5 Minutes to Fabulous with a decadent chocolate mousse, served in a stylish 4” Bowl from the Cascade Collection or the Eclipse Collection. Top it off with homemade whipped cream and add a pop of color with a juicy raspberry. Don’t forget, even if entertaining isn’t in your nature, it’ll appear as if it is! 


Creating a seating chart is ideal to keep the conversations flowing! A couple options to assure guests engage, is to either pair people next to each other that have already met and are old friends. Or partner guests next to each other that have yet to meet and you think will become old friends! Seat conversational guests next to those that might feel a little shy, and let the more chatty friend lead the way. To start conversations, consider typing a unique question on a pretty card that coordinates with your invitation, and place at each place setting. This will be a fun way for guests to engage without the pressure of creating the conversation, and will make sure everyone is included and immersed. 


As guests enter your home, you want to mood to be set. Utilizing pieces such as those from the Julia Knight Collection, means making your home inviting to everyone that enters. Details, such as music, candles and flowers are incredibly important and can help set the tone for the entire evening. For a dinner party, selecting music that will be in the background, such a classical or jazz, is ideal and will allow guests to converse. Dispersing light from carefully placed candles will enhance the mood. Group a collection of various sized candles on a Classic 25” Rectangular Tray with Handles, (or any Julia Knight Tray) with sprigs of flowers interjected, will add a touch of beauty and elegance. Pair a tealight or votive candle with a 4” Bowl from any of the Julia Knight Collections, such as the Classic, the Peony, the Eclipse or the Cascade Collection, and place these pieces throughout your home and on the dining table. And don’t forget that the details carry to the powder room! Bring a touch a elegance to the bath with a stylish soap dispenser, tissue box and waste basket. Offer guest towels in the Classic or Cascade Guest Towel or Vanity Trays. Details such as these, really create an impressive experience for your visiting friends and family. 

With all of the above details taken care of, your guests are ensured a lovely evening filled with great conversations, delicious foods and memorable moments. 

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