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Local SEO for Large Enterprises – Check Out Here

Posted: March 5, 2021 at 3:20 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

It’s not true that large enterprises don’t need to do local SEO to attract more customers. In 2021, where more people are coming only and searching for local services, it’s an opportunity for large enterprises also. Local SEO not only helps the enterprises to have better communication with their customers but also give a chance to establish as a touchpoint for providing better services. 

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But unlike small and medium-sized businesses, it’s hard for large enterprises to take quick business decisions due to the long hierarchy. But, the communication barriers can be easily removed by onboarding a dedicated team for local businesses. On this note, let’s have a look at how large enterprises can take benefit of SEO services and generate more traction for their brand. 

Optimize the brand in Google My Business

For large enterprises, there are high chances that one business will have multiple GMB listings and you need to make sure every listing is up to date and accurate. It will help customers of different regions to reach you easily and avail of your services. If you have three offices in three different cities, then you need to create three different Google My Business listings for your business. 

This small thing will not only help customers but also improve your brand recognition in this competitive world. Make sure if you have city-specific pages for each location, the GMB profile is showing those pages to improve the relevance. Along with doing this, also integrate local schema markup on all shop locator pages. 

Creating audience-focused content

Another step towards improving the local SEO is to create regional content to attract more customers to your brand. When you are a large enterprise, you need to understand the fact that the same content strategy won’t work in different locations. 

Based on the interest, buying patterns, and trending topics, create a content strategy for your business and start pushing regular content. Create helpful blogs or social media posts to cater to your regional customers’ requirements and queries. 

While creating the content for multiple demographics, make sure that you are keeping your brand identity the same across the channels as it will help you establish a theme among your customers. If you are sharing multimedia on different social media accounts, try to keep the design aesthetics similar. 

Focus on local link building

Local link building can play wonders for large enterprises and bring more sales to your business. Many large enterprises ignore creating local links in the local directories and listings. But being a large enterprise, it’s also important that you maximize your brand presence by leveraging the underlying opportunities. 

Find local opportunities where you can list your business and gain more traction. You will find a lot of new listing websites, charity events, PR events where you can participate and generate backlinks for your site. Just like links from high domain authority sites, these local backlinks are also very important for growing the local presence. If you are going to open a new branch of your business in another city, these local links will help you a lot in growing your network. 

Take your local GMB reviews seriously 

When it comes to local SEO, reviews and ratings play a major role in the brand’s authority and credibility. Just like small or medium-sized businesses, a large enterprise should also give replies to all the queries or complaints that their customers have posted. 

This will help you gain more trust among the audience and it will ultimately improve the overall customer retention rate. It’s the best way to take a lead from your competitor and gain more traction. 

You can also hire a dedicated resource to manage your online local reputation on all the GMB listings and other platforms. It will help you interact with your customers in a much frequent way and it will also improve customer satisfaction. 

Encourage customers to leave ratings

People are willing to give you a good rating if they are happy and satisfied with your services or products. Ask your customers to give you ratings for their experience with your brand. Even if you don’t offer them any incentive, they will happily drop a review. It will not only help you strengthen your brand and also give you an overview of constructive feedback from customers.  

Don’t skip the low-rated reviews as they could be a goldmine for you to improve certain areas and take an edge over your competitors. Without an internal assessment team, your customers can tell you what improvements you should make. 

These were the best local SEO tips that you should follow to gain an edge in the local SEO category over your competitors. Prepare your bespoke marketing strategy and start implementing it to create an engagement over your customers across multiple touchpoints.

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