Living Longer and Stronger with CBD

Dr. Jim Collins, a nationally recognized aging expert and Founder of Sapphire Essentials that offers a full line of all natural, THC-free CBD products for people 40 years and older joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Jim Collins discuss the following:

  1. Your new book, Living Longer and Stronger with CBD, is becoming a cult favorite.  Can you tell us a little about the book and why you decided to write it?
  2. You talk a lot about your family history and your background in the book — was there one specific story that impacted you the most and really propelled you to write the book and if so which one and why?
  3. Many people are under the misconception that CBD is Marijuana.  Can you please explain the difference and also why it is so important that your book really delve into the differences?
  4. Living Longer and Stronger with CBD is really a bible on CBD.  What a terrific resource!  Can you tell us about your personal journey and how you did the research you did for the book and how you created the Sapphire Essentials brand as an additional piece in your CBD platform?
  5. Why is CBD so effective as an integrative care treatment or compliment to treatment and what can we expect to learn from it as it becomes even more mainstream?

Jim Collins, PhD is a nationally recognized Gerontologist based in Ohio. He spent his early career receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Gerontological Studies, a Master’s Degree in Sociology and Psychology of Aging, A Certificate in Gerontology and Life-Span Development, and a PhD in Health Administration. Jim’s first business was a Geropsychiatric Practice in Northeast, Ohio, where he managed a group of psychiatrists and psychotherapists for several years. He then began a long-term care consulting company, consulted several companies, and began public speaking.

Dr. Collins developed Collins Learning ( in 2010, which provides senior care facilities continuing education and compliance training. Another company, CEU Academy ( was formed a little over 4 years ago and provides continuing education to individual licensed healthcare professionals like nurses, social workers and HR Directors, and administrators. Jim also became CEO of Bella Care Hospice ( which has 5 offices in Ohio.

Jim has written extensively in healthcare publications, wrote the first book on person-centered care in the U.S., entitled The Person-Centered Way: Revolutionizing Quality of Life in Long-Term Care. He writes regularly for his blog and has published his second book, Living Longer and Stronger with CBD.


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