Leadership in Finance, David Luck Feature

Leadership in Finance: David Luck, Co-Founder and CEO of Capital on Tap

Leadership in Finance, David Luck

David Luck, the CEO and Co-founder of Capital on Tap, the credit card built for small businesses joins Enterprise Radio to discuss leadership in the finance sector.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest David Luck discuss the following:

  1. What key leadership principles do you believe have been instrumental in driving Capital on Tap’s success in the competitive finance industry?
  2. In a sector with constant regulatory changes and compliance challenges, how do you balance the need for innovation while ensuring strict adherence to industry standards and best practices?
  3. Customer expectations in the finance industry are constantly evolving. How do you ensure that Capital on Tap remains customer-centric and responsive to the changing needs and preferences of your clients?
  4. Leadership often involves making tough decisions. Can you share an example of a challenging decision you had to make as CEO and the lessons you learned from that experience?
  5. As a leader in the finance industry, what role do you see Capital on Tap playing in driving positive change and contributing to the overall growth and stability of the financial ecosystem?

David Luck, CEO and Co-founder of Capital on Tap

David Luck started out studying Economics and Math at Emory University in Atlanta. After graduating, he gained experience at top firms that taught him how to build and improve great businesses. Post-university David worked at Bain Consulting where he helped build some of the world’s best companies, an experience he likens to “going to business school whilst getting paid.” He then went to the private equity firm KKR where the stakes were even higher since they owned the companies they worked with.

At both Bain and KKR, David saw firsthand that small businesses often lacked the support they needed. So in 2012, he co-founded Capital on Tap with the mission of helping underserved small businesses by providing them with accessible funding to grow. Since starting Capital on Tap, the company has provided over £8 billion of funding to more than 200,000 small business customers across the UK and US. As co-founder and CEO, David continues to lead Capital on Tap in its goal of supporting small business growth.

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Website: https://www.capitalontap.com

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/CapitalonTap

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