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KWHCoin, a blockchain based renewable energy company

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Girard Newkirk, CEO at KWHCoin, a blockchain based renewable energy company using a digital currency that converts renewable distributed energy resources to digital tokens joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Girard Newkirk discuss the following:

  1. Explain what KWHCoin is to our listeners?
  2. Last year’s hurricane season destroyed a lot of Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure. Tell us about KWHCoin’s project in Puerto Rico.
  3. Congratulations on being a finalist at this year’s Startup World Cup competition in California (taking place May 11th). How does it feel to be a finalist? What will KWHCoin do to stand out from the competition?
  4. You recently signed a partnership in Kenya with a health startup. What is this partnership about?
  5. What are KWHCoin’s growth plans for the future? Can you elaborate a little on that…

KWHCoin is a blockchain-based renewable energy company using a digital currency that converts renewable distributed energy resources to digital tokens. The energy generation used to back KWH tokens are generated from numerous renewable energy sources including solar power generators, solar communities, microgrids, electric vehicles, energy storages, wind energy, and hydroelectric power generators. All the energy converted to KWH tokens is generated through 100% clean, renewable energy. Our mission is to lead the change in supplying humanity with clean energy. With support from clean energy advocates, nations, companies and charitable organizations we plan to provide a viable solution for the 1.2 billion people who currently lack access to energy. The Grid will provide 100% clean, renewable energy, direct from solar and distributed energy resources, that access all renewable elements.

Girard Newkirk is a social entrepreneur that is using technology as a platform for liberation integrating the principles of the circular economy and decentralization to build sustainable and circular enterprises to promote the social good and remove barriers to accessibility for all.
Before devoting his full time to serving Newkirklytics and KWHCoin, Girard served as Vice President of Macys in San Jose, California, where he led one of the largest Macys in the world. Girard has been a retail executive for over 10 years and has decided to apply those years of executive training and team development to social entrepreneurship.

Girard is also a freelance writer and has been published in several online publications in the fields of cryptocurrency, finance, politics, technology and decentralization.

Girard studied Political Science and Economics at East Carolina University and the passion for building ladders for upward social and economic mobility have guided him to social enterprise.

In addition to his professional life, Girard is a loving husband and father of 2 beautiful children and he loves to hike in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains and enjoy the great outdoors and traveling.


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