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Keeping it Together: 7 Tips to Organizing Business Well

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Organization is a key element is business success. Read this article for the best tips on organizing business.

Did you know that 80% of the items we keep we never use?

It’s no wonder that people are finding ways to get rid of the junk that is literally being useless.

Organization is a key element in a business’s success. Keep reading to learn 7 of the best tips on organizing business. 

Keeping it Together: 7 Tips to Organizing Business Well

Organizing business requires more work than making stacks of paper look neat. Organizing requires system creations for all parts of your business to make it run like a well-oiled machine. If your business is organized you will be more productive and your business will be able to succeed.

1. Organize the Office

First, you want to tackle your work area and the office. The goal is to make it as neat as possible to avoid distractions every time you walk into the office. The less you have on your desk or the area you sit down to work at the less clutter you will have mentally.

If your mind is not full of clutter you will notice more productivity and creativity. The items that you use every day organize them in an easy to reach area so that every time you need them you’re not looking for them or disorganizing something else to get to them. 

Get rid of any items you haven’t used in a long time and items that you don’t need. There’s no need to hold on to items not being used because all it will do is create clutter that will distract you and in turn make you less productive in business.

2. Plan Social Media Ahead

If you’re like most businesses building an online presence dedicate time to sit down and write your social media posts for your business instead of doing this task daily. You can write a 30-day calendar with your posts to organize your business for the month. This will save you hours and make you more productive and more efficient.

Once you have your month of posts written out you can use a scheduler to post your posts for you. There are a few free options available or some paid depends on what social media platforms you are using.

3. Tackle Your Computer 

If most of the work for your business is done on a computer and you’re starting to notice a myriad of icons and apps that you barely remember using it’s time to clean up. Another sign that it’s time to organize the computer is if you’re spending too much time searching for something.

You want to set up folders that make it easier for you to find the items you’re looking for. It can be compared to a physical filing system. If you had all those files as physical papers in front of you how would you file them away?

You can also get rid of everything sitting on your desktop and only leave what you use every day. If you have an app that all of your mail goes directly to your computer organize and clean that up too.

4. How About Those Passwords?

Do you go crazy trying to figure out which password you used for what? Do you have a notebook with different pages where you jotted down passwords as you created them?

If you answered yes to any of the above this means it’s time to organize your passwords. Since this is business we are dealing with you want to choose a safe way to organize your passwords because the last thing you want to do is compromise any confidential or important information.

You can use a program or an app like LastPass to organize your passwords and keep them secure.

5. Expense Receipts

Receipts can add up fast and create a disaster. They are all different sizes, some fade, some rip, they can be a nuisance half the time when not organized or tackled right away. 

To stay up to date with your finances and taxes they have to be kept under control. Make room in your calendar to sit down once a week and organize all the receipts for the week to stay on top of it and most importantly stay organized.

6. Staff Schedule

You can get organized and save time with the right tools when it comes to scheduling your employee’s schedule for the week. Instead of sitting down figuring it out on paper you can do everything through a program that will cut your scheduling time down to ten minutes.

Some programs also allow your employees to switch time with other employees without having to go through you for permission. They can easily access the schedule online and put in the shift change virtually. Learn more about how you can organize your employees schedule.

7. Did Someone Say Paperless?

One of the best ways to get rid of papers and clutter is to go paperless. Instead of having a ton of physical folders and papers you can scan documents and shred the physical paper of what you scanned.

If you have certain papers that others in your business need to see you can upload those scanned documents to a shared drive so that everyone can access them as needed.

Happy Organizing

Now that you have learned great tips to help you with organizing business it’s time to put what you learned into action. You can start today towards a neater work environment that sets you up for success and growth. 

Are you feeling organized and want to learn more about expanding your business’s outreach? Check out our post with tips on safely expanding your reach.

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