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Just Keep On Trucking!

Posted: December 14, 2019 at 10:00 am / by / comments (0)

You, too, can rent a reefer refrigerated unit or trailer for your truck…

We’ve come a long way since the days of moving perishable products which are temperature sensitive, by surrounding them by blocks of ice and driving like crazy!

If you have to move products over a long distance, that are sensitive to temperature, you’ll need transport that can keep a consistent temperature, regardless of what is going on weather-wise outside the vehicle.

In hot weather, you’ll need a unit that is cool while in extremely cold weather, you’ll maybe need a refrigerated trailer rental that’ll need heat to protect your goods from freezer burn.

A reefer truck, also known as a chiller truck, is a truck or a van that is roughly a ton or more in weight and has a refrigerated unit built-in to its truck or is transported by a trailer.

The load on a reefer truck can’t exceed 44,000 pounds.

It also has a thermostat – which is essential if you’re moving temperature-sensitive products.

So, if you have perishable products such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or medical goods that need transporting, refrigerated transportation is a viable option. Or for those passionate campers, check out the best portable refrigerator for camping. Pretty awesome isn’t it?

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Now, there are two types of bodies that reefer trucks come in; box body, also known as the hard side, and curtainsider.

Box bodies tend to have more natural installation, whereas curtainsiders have insulated curtains to help make up for the lack of thermal mass.

Curtainside reefers can also be loaded from both sides of the deck, as well as the rear.

Consumers generally take the excellent condition their sensitive goods are in, for granted.

They rely on the fact that whatever item they order, it’ll arrive safe and well.

There are, therefore, laws and regulations that exist to ensure that reefer trucks and containers maintain the high levels of health and safety required.

How does a reefer trailer work?

According to, to create the cold conditions needed for a refrigeration system, a self-contained atmosphere is required, which has as much heat removed from it as possible.

The cooling system in the refrigerated truck is an insulated compartment made from high-density polymer foam, which creates a self-contained atmosphere.

This insulation, as well as the sealed door, creates an atmosphere that is relatively heat-tight.

The combination of the insulation with a refrigeration system removes any heat from inside and which has a straightforward mode of operation; a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator.

Reefers are refrigerated by diesel-powered generators, liquid carbon dioxide, or CO2.

There are two types of refrigeration units available and which one you use depends on what products you’re carrying.

There are roof-mounted and nose-mounted refrigeration systems available.

Nose-mounted is ideal for medium-sized trucks and trailers, and the unit is installed on the outside front-end of the chassis.

Roof-mounted refrigeration units are excellent for large trucks – the amount of refrigeration needed depends on the average external temperature during transportation, the necessary temperature for the products, and the amount of insulation the reefer has.

So, if you are part of the cold-chain and want to transport perishable products in a safe and speedy way, then renting a reefer trailer or truck, might be the answer.

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