Jonathan Davis, Co-Founder and CCO of Uberbinder™: Initial steps to a sustainable future

Jonathan Davis, Co-Founder and CCO of Uberbinder™, a low carbon replacement binder for concrete and asphalt with a mission to change transportation infrastructure using sustainable building material joins the Green Business Podcast.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jonathan Davis discuss the following:

  1. Could you give us some background on the overall issue Uberbinder is trying to fix?
  2. What is the current situation with road construction and emissions?
  3. What does all this mean and what is Uberbinder’s mission?
  4. What exactly is Uberbinder and how is it different from current binders?
  5. How do you see the replacement process happening, could you share some steps?

Summary: What we can take away from Jonathan’s story is the unfortunate truth, that our current road infrastructure is not sustainable and is in fact a major contributor to global warming. To conserve our planet and meet global sustainability goals, road construction practices need to drastically, quickly evolve give off less emissions. Uberbinder is spearheading change and educating the public on the importance of asking tough questions and finding solutions to sustainable road building. By using new binders like Uberbinder’s sulfur-based binder, we can start paving the way for a better future; by having more companies and more parts of the world using these technologies we can make a huge step in the right direction of saving our planet. 

Jonathan Davis is a Co-Founder and the Chief Commercial Officer for Uberbinder™, a low carbon replacement binder for concrete and asphalt; the company’s mission is to change transportation infrastructure through the use of sustainable building material. 

A strategist, brand builder, innovation incubator, designer, artist, and sailor, Jonathan has been a Founder, Owner, and Managing Director of consultancies specializing in groundbreaking and disruptive category innovation projects. 

Jonathan was born in England, attended school in Reading followed by the University of the Arts in London, and began his career as a commercial artist. Over the next three decades, he worked for many leading brands and companies developing business propositions, new product approaches, and category innovations. 

In 2014, Jonathan set sail in the Mediterranean with his family, returning to full time work in San Francisco in 2018. The juxtaposed experiences of having been at the heart of consumer marketing and then living minimally aboard a boat brought insight and a passion to make root changes to the way the world approaches the practical problems associated with energy and carbon performance. 

Jonathan has recently relocated back to England; in his spare time Jonathan enjoys painting, writing, and sailing.


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