Jfiix and JDate Founder, Joe Shapira, Shares His Success Story as an Entrepreneur and Jewish Dating Guru

Joe Shapira

Joe Shapira, original founder of JDate and founder of Jfiix, a Smartphone app that promises to help the Jewish community meet their perfect partners in love, companionship, and Hebrew, which debuted in the US market this past September joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Joe Shapira discuss the following:

  • What about the world of online dating and dating in general that first peaked your interest to get involved and start your own business?
  • As the founder of JDate, you saw and experienced the development of the service through and through. Were there any takeaways from JDate that you learned from and reverted back to when creating Jfiix? Were there any things that really worked with JDate that helped you establish Jfiix?
  • Was there any hesitation of creating a new Jewish dating app when there are several out there? What about Jfiix sets itself a part from other Jewish, and non-Jewish, dating apps?
  • As online apps become more and more popular, what advice do you have for someone hoping to break into the world of online apps? What is the one thing someone should know in order to make their app stand out amongst the others? Especially if they were in competition with other similar apps.
  • Seeing as you have made a name for yourself as an online dating guru with two successful dating platforms, as well as an acclaimed entrepreneur, what advice would you give to one who is developing their own brand? Have you found there is a formula or pattern to becoming a successful entrepreneur, leading to being recognized as the ‘Godfather of Jewish Dating?’

Joe Shapira is the founder of JDate, former chairman and CEO of its parent company, Spark Networks, Inc. (AMEX:LOV), and a pioneer of the internet dating industry. Joe founded Spark Networks in 1996 and led the company as Chairman and CEO for 10 years, with 4 financing rounds, including an initial public offering in 2000, to revenues in excess of $85 million and market capitalization in excess of $400 million in 2004. By the time Shapira resigned from the company, its various dating websites served more than 25 million users.



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