Is Natural Beauty The Future Of Empowered Entrepreneurship?

Lately, the trends in beauty have been leaning away from caked, layered-on makeup that changes every aspect of your face and skin’s appearance to a more natural way of nourishing the skin and the body that focuses on beauty from the inside out, and un-filtering the lives of people today. This wonderful trend has people exploring more of how our ancestors stayed healthy and beautiful with what they had in the natural world around them, instead of harsh chemicals and man-made products that no one really knows the long-term effects of.

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Over the past few years, the natural movement has become more of a trend and moved into a lifestyle habit that many people have adopted. Naturally-derived ingredients are sought after, and products that focus on these ingredients are flying off the shelves while allowing a new way for people to consider creating and marketing to the masses. Internet stores that are focused on these products are popping up everywhere, and for good reason. It gives people the opportunity to take something they are passionate about, like using natural ingredients in makeup or skincare, and turning that into a revenue stream that is likely to rapidly grow.

Changing From Cover-Ups to Enhancements

Thirty and even twenty years ago the focus of the beauty industry was still largely on camouflage. Change your skin’s appearance, make your hair fuller and your lashes longer, be picture-perfect even in real life. Movements of recent years have allowed women and men to push back against these unrealistic ideals, focusing more on empowering their own beauty from within while embracing their own personal look and style.

Natural beauty uses ingredients found in nature because, well, we come from nature. While the advancements of man-made ingredients cannot be downplayed because there are many helpful things that have come from human minds, in many cases natural products are everything we need to take care of our simple skin woes and keep ourselves healthy and happy. Instead of being cookie-cutter, we are embracing the winds of change to be more ourselves than we have ever been, with the help of the natural world around us.

Natural Health Through Foods

Another natural beauty trend that is taking the world by storm is empowering ourselves and our businesses through food. Just look at how often you hear people talk about having a smoothie for breakfast, or how many choices are on grocery shelves when it comes to low-carb high protein crunchy snacks. Many promising businesses of today got their start by taking natural ingredients and making them into an amazing product that allows people to simply take charge of their health through their intake.

And we’re not just talking about the influx of “health foods” everywhere now, but how more attention is being paid to the particular breakdown of the food and what is in it that makes us healthy or can help with a particular health issue in our body. Many ingredients have been found in common foods that are good for a myriad of issues, like vitamin C in citrus fruits not only being good for your immune system, but also great for your skin as well. From an anti-aging cream for acne to green shampoos and conditioners, food-derived ingredients are adding to our beauty products in amazing ways.

Building a Business Off of Beauty

With all of this natural and clean beauty trending amongst the masses, it makes sense that small businesses are popping up everywhere that focus on these products and getting them out to the people who want them. Entrepreneurs are taking a passion for natural-based beauty and creating new and exciting formulas to bring quality ingredients to mass marketing while keeping a focus on inclusion, diversity, and true customer satisfaction instead of false money-making strategies.

The beauty boutiques of today and the future will have a focus on specific products or ingredients or a specific way of including them into a marketable product instead of a focus on variety in color palette or type of product offered. Simple, straightforward ingredients harvested in a sustainable fashion while giving back to people and the earth is the highest level of business ownership attainable. In every way, people are waking up to the natural world around us. 

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