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Is it Worth Taking an LSAT Prep Course?

Posted: June 27, 2020 at 5:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

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The decision to go to law school is one of the most important you can make. They are expensive, challenging, and highly selective. To have the best chance of getting admission to your choice school, you have to study for the LSAT. But is it worth taking a prep course?

How Much Does LSAT Prep Raise Your Score?

LSAT prep courses can be quite expensive, with studies showing that students spent over $1 billion on preparation courses last year. Several research studies show that students who take live study prep courses perform two to five points higher than those who do not take prep courses. LSAT prep can help you increase your score because the live instructor can identify your weaknesses and give personalized feedback. Also, while taking the courses, you will be subjected to several timed and formal LSATs, giving you an actual test experience to gauge your progress and boost your confidence.

The LSAT score grading is based on a 120 to 180 scale, and the average score for the test is around 150. However, if you are looking forward to getting admission from the top tier schools of law, your score must be well above 160. For lower-tier schools, an average LSAT score of 150 is enough to get you there. 

Even though the LSAT score is considered as the most crucial factor in top tier law schools, it is quite less critical in low tier law schools. Some law schools care more about what you have done with your personal life and who you are—considering what’s commonly known as “soft factors.” However, top tier schools may need to take into consideration such soft factors to make admission decisions since they have more applicants than the available spots, and each applicant has a high LSAT score.

What are the most popular LSAT prep options?

LSAT prep has several options, including self-study courses, on-demand LSAT prep classes, live online LSAT prep sessions, private tutors, and in-person classes. The LSAT prep option you select depends on your learning style and your financial capabilities because some of those options can be more expensive than others. 

Self-study books and courses are the ones where you purchase an LSAT-related book to study on your own. On-demand lessons are those which you request your tutor to teach you, whether online or in-person. Online LSAT prep courses are offered by companies online, where a tutor is recorded while addressing LSAT-related questions and topics. Also, online classes can be in real-time.

In-person classes involve having a traditional physical class where a tutor teaches you as a group of learners about the LSAT. Private tutors are those that you can privately hire to take you through the LSAT course. It can be either online or face-to-face tutoring.

The best online classes for LSAT prep offer you over 180 hours of on-demand and live online lessons to help you get familiar with and learn about the LSAT. Additionally, you get 32 core instruction hours and guidance from experienced experts. Furthermore, all official LSAT questions that were ever released are available to you to enhance your preparation for the actual test.

How to tell if an LSAT prep course is for you?

Determining whether an LSAT prep course is suitable for you is directly dependent on your learning style. The case is so because people learn differently, with some learning well under direction while others thrive better as self-guided learners. Therefore, if you have had a bad experience with tutors or learn better by studying alone, then a self-guided book or class can be suitable for you.

On the other hand, if you like talking much and asking a lot of questions about the subject in question, then the LSAT prep course is made for you. During the course, you will be able to interact with expert tutors who will address your questions and guide you to better grades. If you are a person who needs accountability and structure, then the LSAT prep course is definitely for you because it simulates the actual test.

A Final Thought

Undertaking an LSAT prep course can be expensive but not as much as the cost of getting admitted to a law school. By attaining a high LSAT score, you can earn scholarships and even determine your future career path because even employers consider it when hiring; therefore, it creates a win-win situation. While it can be beneficial to take an LSAT prep course, it depends on your learning style because everybody is different.

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