Instaboost Energy, giving you energy that pops


Jason Glass, the Chief Operating Officer of Instaboost Energy, giving you energy that pops joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio. Jason points out the advantages and convenience of Instaboost vs. energy drinks.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jason Glass discuss the following:

  • Tell us about Instaboost and how it got its start.
  • How does it differ than say an energy drink on the market?
  • What’s your target market for the product? Who do you think is the “Instaboost Customer”?
  • I see you have gotten the product in the hands of a few athletes. Tell me about about that.
  • Where do you see Instaboost in about 5 years?

Duration: 7:32

Need a Boost? Instaboost Energy Crystals are made with essential vitamins and minerals giving you a healthy energy boost without the crash. Just open the packet, pour it in your mouth, and go! NO WATER NEEDED! It’s energy that POPS!.

InstaboostInstaboost Energy

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