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Improved Forecasting For Business Success – Learning From The 2016 Presidential Election

Posted: January 17, 2017 at 3:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Jonathan Citrin

Mr. Jonathan Citrin who is a speaker, author, and financial advisor for over fifteen years again joins Enterprise Radio to discuss improved forecasting for business success & learning from the 2016 Presidential Election.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Jonathan Citrin discuss the following:

  • Entrepreneurs and businesses rely on forecasts. And with the upcoming presidential inauguration, it seems fitting to ask if there is opportunity to become better at forecasting by analyzing the 2016 presidential election, the far-off predictions, and therein the unexpected results?
  • As we dig into prediction and forecasting, can you take a step back and discuss why we predict in the first place? That is, if there is a possibility of being wrong, why do we forecast at all?
  • To analyze the presidential election a bit more, plainly, why were so many polls so wrong with their predictions?
  • What about those that predicted the election accurately – who foresaw a Trump victory? What was it about their modeling that proved successful?
  • For entrepreneurs and businesses, what is the major take-away from the election insofar as best practices in forecasting?

Jonathan Citrin has been a public speaker since 2004 and has traveled the world giving lectures and presentations to audiences that include multinational conferences, business professionals, students, and private groups. He has spoken to assemblies in locations ranging from Montreal to Amsterdam to Los Angeles and New York City. As an author, Citrin’s writing has appeared in traditional media such as Entrepreneur Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, and in academic publications such as Journal of Indexes and Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management. Additionally, on topics ranging from decision making and the human condition to current events and policy, Citrin regularly contributes comment and analysis for leading media outlets including U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, and CNBC.

Citrin has been a financial advisor for over fifteen years. He began his career managing investment accounts at Morgan Stanley and in 2003 founded his own financial advisory practice currently based in Metropolitan Detroit. Citrin also possesses significant experience as an educator, most recently for seven years as Adjunct Faculty of Finance at Wayne State University’s School of Business.

The underlying theme that runs through all of Citrin’s professional efforts is his belief that cultivating an authentic and deep understanding of the way our brains work and therein the role of emotion and bias in our decision making process is the key to critical progress in business and life.

Jonathan Citrin


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