Important Tips for Growing Your Roofing Business

You own a solid roofing business, but you’d like to have a much larger client base. To attract more potential clients, you might have to make a few changes to your business model as well as adopt a new marketing strategy. Here are some important tips that could help you grow your business. 

Social Media

Social media can be an invaluable tool in helping you expand your business. Business owners now understand the necessity of having a strong social media presence. Social media platforms can give potential clients the opportunity to learn more about your business, and it allows you to interact with them and learn specifically what they want in a roofing company. Moreover, social media provides a great platform to advertise your business—and it’s free! This is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses that don’t have a lot of extra money for advertising. 

Redesign Your Website 

Nowadays, it’s imperative that your business has a professional, eye-catching website; and it should also be functional and easy to navigate. Your website is usually the first introduction potential clients have to your business. And first impressions carry a lot of weight in the business world. Amateurish, shoddy-looking website design will turn many visitors away. 

If you’re not an expert in website design, it might be a good idea to hire someone who is. It could be well worth the money to get someone who can bring their expertise to making your website look as polished and professional as possible. 

Make a Business Blog

A blog can be an effective tool in helping you build your business. Through your blog, you can display your knowledge and expertise on the roofing process; then, potential clients can familiarize themselves with the kind work you do. You can also include photos from your portfolio and detail what your specialties are. This will make it easier for potential clients to make the decision of whether to hire you for a job.

And your blog could eventually become a reliable information source on roofing, with you being viewed as an authority on the subject. This would be great advertising for your brand. You can also include links to your blog on your website and social media pages. People might start recommending your blog to others who want to learn more about roofing or are looking to hire a roofer for a job. 

Invest in Tech

In this tech-driven age, most businesses have found it necessary to invest in technology to remain competitive. And the same goes for the roofing industry. Utilizing the new tech tools available could help streamline your roofing business. And it would be a good idea to stay apprised of all the latest industry trends and the newest installation techniques. This will help give you leg up among other roofing professionals. 

One of the tools that could help your business run more efficiently is OKR Software. OKR—an acronym for Objectives and Key Results—is a strategic plan designed to align employees across different departments of an organization toward a common goal. OKRs don’t focus on individual employee performance but rather the collaborative effort of teams working as a unit for measurable results and the best possible outcomes. OKRs are typically part of a quarterly process.

Generate Word-Of-Mouth

There is no marketing tool more effective than word-of-mouth. This is what every business strives for. Developing an ongoing relationship with clients can often promote good word-of-mouth; and this applies whether you specialize in commercial roofing, residential, or both. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by following up with clients after completing a job to make sure they’re happy with it. If not, find out what you can do to change that. 

Additionally, you can do things like send thank you notes to clients and offer free inspections after six months to ensure that everything’s as it should be. Simple courtesies like these will leave a positive impression on your clients; and as a result, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to friends, neighbors, and coworkers, as well write laudatory online reviews about your business.

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