Importance of Checking Your Website’s Backlinks

If you understand how SEO works, then you would also know that backlinks play a huge role in influencing your rankings. You have to invest a lot of hard work and time to earn quality backlinks. However, SEO experts also feel the pressure of maintaining the quality of these links, failing to do which can affect the way your site ranks on the search engines. 

Backlink monitoring is just as important as acquiring the link itself. Despite its importance, many SEO professionals often forget to take it into account when they are planning their marketing strategies. 

In this article, we will talk about the importance of backlinks for your website and why it is significant to monitor them from time to time. 

‘NoFollow’ Links & Backlink Adjustments

Remember that time you scored a backlink from a reputed online publication a few years ago? That website has now been redesigned and you have just lost that high-quality link that was keeping your website alive on the search engines. What does one do in that case?

It is in these situations that backlink checker tools come in handy. Many SEO pros work hard until they have found a competitor backlink checker tool that looks promising for the assessment of backlinks to their clients’ website. 

Checking backlinks from time to time will help you maintain the quality of inbound links over quantity. A quick backlink check will reveal how many organic inbound links you have. At the same time, some experts also use the checker tools to spy on competitor websites and analyze their backlink profile. Once you know what keywords are ranking well for your competitors, you can build similar kind of backlinks to take your own website to the next level.

Needless to say, we are all in this for increased traffic and genuine visibility to our target customers. So if you really care about your business’ online reputation and success, then backlinks are an important step that you cannot overlook. 

That being said, let us now discuss some key reasons why you should monitor your backlinks and how it helps your website grow. 

They are Good for SEO

You may have heard this one too many times that the backlinks play a huge role in helping your website rank well on search engines. If you want to attract more people to your website and give Google the confidence of your authenticity, then quality backlinks are the way to do it. 

When you have authority inbound links to your website, Google automatically considers you a reliable source of information, thus, ranks you higher in its search results. Therefore, it is very important to not only earn the backlinks but also to ensure that they are coming from the right source. Did you know that it is better to have fewer backlinks from authority website than to have many from low-quality ones? Google penalizes websites with low-quality links. This is why it is important to check where your inbound links are coming from. 

Backlinks are Tied to your Reputation

Backlinks have a lot of benefits for website owners. However, one has to tread carefully on this territory. While earning organic links is certainly good for your website, sometimes some links can hurt your reputation too. For this reason, you need backlink checker tools to identify the links that can cause damage to your online reputation. These tools send you email notifications when your website is linked to other sites and keep you in the loop. 

If you are wondering what backlinks can hurt your reputation, then look at the following example: 

  • When your website is linked to adult/porn websites
  • When your site is back linked to gambling web pages 
  • Links from unrelated websites 
  • Backlinks from websites that share provocative and aggressive content

Prevent Your Website from Being Penalized

As has been already discussed, when you achieve backlinks from high ranking websites, the search engines reward you by ranking you well in the search results. However, the opposite of it is also true. Google can penalize you when your website is linked to a low-performing, poor-ranking website. This is why you should check your backlinks and their source on a regular basis. SEO professionals recommend that a full audit should be performed on your website on a yearly basis. However, you can also set up email notifications and alerts in a backlink checker tool to know when your website is linked to another site. This practice helps you in de-linking yourself from pages that are causing you more harm than good. 

Drive Organic Traffic to your Website

Not only does backlink-based SEO drive organic traffic to your website, but also helps in maintaining the quality of its content. By monitoring your links regularly, you would know exactly where your traffic is coming from and which high ranking websites in your niche are sending visitors your way. You can also replicate the backlink profile of these websites to gain more footfall. 

Prevent the Impacts of Negative SEO

You may not know this but your website is vulnerable to being spammed by your competitors. Like they say, all is fair in love and war, consider SEO as a war. Your contenders in the field may resort to some unscrupulous means that can expose you to the risk of negative SEO. However, you can stop this by knowing ahead where your backlinks are coming from. Use a backlink checker to check the quality of backlinks and disavow from all those that were created for the sole purpose of hurting you. 

Get Notified about Complains or New Reviews

When you monitor backlinks, you can get instant notification if someone posts a review or a complaint about you online. This can be a great opportunity to build/rebuild relationships with your customers and wow them with your customer service by being responsive. 

By now you would know how backlinks can be really helpful in building a strong online presence. By tracking your links, you can not only maintain your website’s rankings but also the quality of content that goes on it. Earning backlinks is only half the job, the other half is to monitor them. 

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