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How To Use Social Media For Your Law Firm’s Branding

Posted: April 3, 2021 at 8:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

There are several ways to market your law firm to gain new clients. Lead-generating strategies are great for attracting clients that are looking for a lawyer right now. However, you also need to be thinking about your branding for those people that are not yet in need of a lawyer. 

With the right branding message, you will stand out from the crowd and when they need a lawyer then they will find you because they remember your logo or other branding material.

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There is a strategy that must be followed to be successful. For instance, not every platform is going to be right for your brand. To get the most out of your social media campaign, you need to understand the process that is going to work best for you. In this article, we will go over exactly what strategies you should be thinking about.

Choose the right platform

There are dozens of different social media platforms to choose from but you definitely don’t want to be on all of them. Certain platforms are popular with certain demographics. For instance, Pinterest is big with middle aged women as is Facebook. Instagram attracts a younger market and Tik Tok has the teen demographic.

Pick a platform where you think your target demographic is using the most and then use that as your platform of choice like injury lawyers Lamber Goodnow did on Twitter. 

Pick three platforms at the most and find out the best times to post and how often according to what works best for the respective algorithms. 

Be engaging

The type of content that is going to work best is going to depend highly on which social media platform is where your target demographic is hanging out. But one thing is true across all platforms. That’s the fact that engaging content that sparks an interest in the readers is going to give you the most success when it comes to creating a recognizable brand.

You don’t want people scrolling and just scanning the content to then forget about it. You should make sure to study what type of content gets the most shares and comments so you can create some that stop the scrolling and actually start a conversation with your target audience.

Stay consistent

To create a brand that is recognizable, you have to stay consistent with the messaging and the optics. 

If your content is usually serious and somber and then you try for something irreverent, it will miss the mark. Stay true to your voice of the social media marketing campaign and people will recognize it after seeing it a few times. 

You also need to have the colors of the logo and other images the same throughout all of your channels and material. Find a logo that is instantly recognizable and use it on everything from your print to your social media channels. 

Show your expertise

Your content should also be a vehicle for you to show your expertise in a field. This will help establish you as a thought leader and will help people recognize your brand as one they can trust. 

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