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How to Stop Dog from Barking

Posted: March 21, 2020 at 12:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A dog is a man’s best friend. They are an excellent companion, which will keep us company and provide unconditional love for so many years. However, there are natural barker dogs, and this makes us wonder why some dogs bark more often than others.

Firstly, barking is a form of communication for dogs. This is how they communicate to let us know that something is happening. It could be their way of telling us that their food bowl is empty, or there is somebody outside. Some of them bark because they are lonely or bored, thus seeking attention from you. 

It is their natural behavior to bark. Just like how we talk, dogs communicate by barking. But there may instances when their barks and yelps could be too overwhelming for us. In such situations, you will most likely want to know how to effectively reduce their barking frequencies.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

There are many reasons why our dogs bark. Sometimes they do so to inform us that something is unusual or an intruder or a stranger came into our territory. Here are some other reasons why our dog barks:

  • To inform us that there are animals or people in the dog’s territory or area.
  • To communicate with the owners. It is through barking that they can get the attention from their owners. 
  • Hunger. 
  • To ease anxiety, boredom as well as stress. If they are sad, bored, or lonely, they howl or bark to get the attention of their owners. 
  • Barking is their way of expressing themselves. It is especially helpful if your dog knows how to ward off any potentially dangers by barking to catch your attention. If you have trained him well, your dog would be capable to stop barking on your command. And the answer to this quandary is through adequate training. If your dog knows your command and distinguishes your control, he or she will be able to value your wishes. 

Tips on How to Stop Dogs from Barking 

To stop them from barking on your command, it requires lots of patience.  This is not a one-time process where it can be taught overnight. It is important to establish a good rapport with your dog. There are many cruel ways to stop dogs from barking such as using anti-barking devices like electric shock dog collar. However, this is not recommended at all. We should treat our pet with love and be patient with them. They might not be able to get it right away, but slowly and surely, they will be able to.

Keep on reading to find out what are some of the ethical and easy ways to control your beloved pet:

  • Remember the Basics 

Our dog barks as they may feel bored, lonely, or hungry. Ensure that he or she has enough food, water, toys, exercise, and attention. Ideally, a canine needs an hour of exercise every day. When they feel tired, they tend to bark a lot lesser. As they are social animals, they will crave for attention, affections as well as interactions from the owners. Do spend time with them whenever you can.

  • Take Him or Her for Granted

Sometimes dogs bark to get your attention. And this can be quite frequent throughout the day, which can be a headache. One method would be to “take him for granted”. Try to ignore them, be firm to show that you will not always give in to his needs. After a while, he will learn that such actions will not always be reciprocated.

  • Toys 

Distract them with their favorite toys. Every dog would have their favorite toys to play with. If you are busy and do not have time to bring them out for a stroll, give them something to play with would be a good alternative. They will be distracted and leave you alone for a while.

  • Never have a Grand Exit 

Don’t let your dog notice that you’re leaving the house as he will be energized and will start calling for your attention to stay. Your dog will associate the leaving with being alone and will start to bark once he sees you going out. 

  • Establish an Authority 

Another effective step to stop them from barking is to establish an authority over your dog. Show him that you’re the leader of the pack. Teach him to do tricks and behave accordingly. Reinforce it with rewards such as treats. You can also show appreciation and love for good behaviors by patting, praising, playing, as well as taking him out for a stroll.

Important Reminder

When you want to stop your dog from barking, avoid shouting or raising your voice. You should also avoid being physical as this will raise the level of anxiety which will only encourage more barking. Show your dog that barking will only lead to punishment such as not being able to run freely anymore. They will have to stay in their designated area unless they exhibit good behaviors. Just keep in mind not to be too harsh on them as they have feelings too. At the end of the day, they only want your attention.


The best way to stop your dog from barking too much would be adequate understanding as well as patience for your beloved four-legged friend.  Always keep in mind that they bark as they want something or want to communicate with you. They do not have any intention to harm. Try to understand what your dog needs and know what you can do to give him the most excellent comfort as well as attention. Follow the steps mentioned above and you can effectively stop your dogs from barking too frequently. If you have other dog related issues that you would like to address, head over to Well Pet for more information. They cover a range of dog related articles that will certainly help you solve a thing or two. 

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