How to Separate Business Calls from Personal Calls

As you begin your own business, you realize you’re giving your personal phone number away to clients, and something feels funny about it.

Your personal phone number is like a gold nugget: it’s valuable for your personal time and only family and friends should have it. Not to mention spam issues. If you continue to give out your personal number, you’ll fall prey to more and more spam calls – and nobody likes that.

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Do You Have to Buy a Second Cell Phone? 

Not necessarily. There are some people who do like having two phones, but with technology today, there’s no need for two devices. Here are two choices:

1. You can set up an answering service by researching the best answering service for small business according to what you need. Answering services are great because your clients have the chance to leave a message for you, and you can look for a service that operates in different languages. That way, if you have global clients, they can leave a message in their mother tongue and your service can translate it for you.

2. A different option is to add a business second phone number to your existing cell phone service. There are quite a few companies that can help you with this service. What’s great about it is that you don’t have to carry two phones, just your regular cell phone. When you sign up, you receive a separate business number. This is the number you give your clients and prospects to call, and put on your website. The call comes into your cell phone, but it’s marked slightly different for business calls (depending on the service you choose).

Your client never knows they’re calling your personal device, and you get the personal/business line separation without having to carry two phones.

How to Shut It Off

When you become a business owner, you have the urge to answer every call no matter the time of day. This is a personal choice. Some startups work no matter what and some like to make a pause at the end of the day to think and enjoy personal time. No matter which type of entrepreneur you are, you can set time limits for yourself and let your answering service kick in.

Look for a service (whether it’s an answering service or a second line) that allows you to set when it should begin after hours. Your service is always on when you miss a call at 1 p.m. because you were in a meeting, but there are services you can also set up differently for the evening times.

Let’s say you don’t want to be tempted to answer the phone after 8 p.m. so that you can begin your “me” time. If your phone rings and you see it, you’ll be tempted to answer. Find an answering service that allows you to route calls after a specific time.

When it’s time to check your messages again in the morning, you can enjoy listening to your voicemail while drinking coffee and making a game plan to return the calls.


Starting your own business does mean working hard – sometimes around the clock. But this doesn’t mean answering the phone at all times. Set yourself up with the right technology and get the type of phone service that works for you.

Whether it’s a separate phone line, an answering service, and eventually an office manager, separate your calls such that your mindset is in the right place when talking to your family, or returning the call to your clients. This small but mighty advice can help your work/family balance.

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