How to Place Your Hot Tub and Spa Foundation

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Yes, choosing a spa & hot tub for your home is quite a big deal. It takes careful meditation and planning in order to execute flawlessly. First, you need to think about whether or not you really need this and I believe by the time you get to read this post you are beyond that point.

But do you really need a home spa?

If not, take your time and avoid the pressure as comes with the hot tub and backyard spas company that has just come to town for a blow-out sale. It can seem like the right time to buy or an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.  We would like to introduce the thought that buying too soon can also be the worst mistake you cannot afford to make. One mistake that can have you hate spas forever.

Why buy a tub?

Improving our physical wellness is always the top priority for most tub buyers. But taking time in the mornings and evenings to actually sit and relax in the thing is not for everyone. Consider the people who also share the home with you and if they too can use the tub. Every hot tub purchase needs to be premeditated and seen not as an obstacle to anything but a private retreat where loved ones can unwind. A positive to escape the drag of life in general and focus on positive thoughts.

The placement is everything

Correct placement means you are not in the way of goodwill and ensures that you are also going to use the thing more often. There is absolutely no need to have to run a marathon over snow and through a whirlwind to get to your spa. Here are some more factors to consider when choosing where to place your tub.


As mentioned above, you may anticipate bad weather on a good number of days and months of the year. You simply cannot neglect your spa for that long. 


So maybe the weather is not an issue in your region but consider the social aspects. Who else might be using the tub? Are you planning on using it for socializing with your friends or is it your solitary refinement?

If you wish to make your spa join the party, then it should sit next to the open party area. This makes it visible from the rest of the compound so that people in the water and people on land can converse easily.

On the other hand, if you prefer solitude, then you can take your hydrotherapy contraption to a quieter place. You can block a direct line of sight with a screen or better yet place enough tall potted plants around the spa.

Access to the service compartment

Many owners forget that their time machine in the form of a spa also requires maintenance. You can request your general service contractor to place it up against a wall or build it into a deck but always remember to keep the service door accessible for future repairs and maintenance.

The sun

If you use your spa during the daytime, it might be wise to place the tub in a way that the sun will not be in your eyes or scorching. Plants can help with this little but important detail.

The hop-in ability

The ease of getting in and out of the tub regardless of the nosy neighbor’s prying eyes is what term Hop-in ability encompasses. If it super easy to get in and out of the spa area and the tub itself for everyone, that’s great.

Structural integrity

Finally, an empty spa can weigh a great deal. A filled spar on an uneven surface is a disaster in waiting. This is the end of the road for DIY enthusiasts who are not very handy around engineering workshops with good safety practices. There are no two ways about it, the ground needs to be stable enough to hold. 

And electrical safety

Whether you are running a 110 or 230 volts model, never let water enter the equipment. Place it in such a way that water drains away from the vital electric compartment. Don’t forget to have it checked, cleaned and maintained by a professional periodically.


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