How to pick the right moving company for your big move

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We all know at least one person who has had a nasty experience while moving or relocating from one place to another. These horror stories almost always stem from selecting the wrong people for the job, making it an experience no one would like to repeat. Moving is a stressful experience in its own right. However, by hiring the right movers, you can avoid becoming another traumatic tale of caution. 

Choosing a reputable moving company is tricky business no matter your location whether it be Georgia, Texas or Washington State. There is always the fear at the back of your mind that the movers might break your stuff, bill more than the agreed amount, mishandle or damage your possessions, or simply run off with your stuff! Fortunately, you can follow these 3 steps to ensure that you have selected the right company for your move.

1. Determine the scope of your move
Evaluate the scope of your job and select a company accordingly. Different companies have different specialities. Before you pick a company to hire, do some research and find out which company specializes in the kind of service you are interested in. Is yours a local move? Or are you moving interstate? Do you have special requirements or unusually delicate merchandise? Ask yourself these questions and then you will be able to verify if your requirements are being met by the movers. 

2. “Shop” for a moving company
It is important to be systematic and thorough in your search for a moving company. A simple search on the internet and picking the first hit will not suffice. Find as many potential movers that fit your criteria as possible. For example the selection of movers in New Jersey is huge, try to get some online estimates only from 3-5 movers not from 10. Then compare and contrast the credentials of all the moving companies. It may be prudent to ask for referrals from trusted friends and family for your shortlisted companies and keep a record on a list or spread-sheet. Also look for online reviews for these companies. Cost should not be the only factor influencing your decision, since some new setups might charge you less than those that have been operational for a longer period, but you might find that older, more experienced companies will provide better service. 

3. Ask for quotes from multiple potential companies
After you have established what your requirements are, and you have done the research, you should shortlist at least three to five companies and ask them all for an estimate. It is advisable that you ask for an in-person estimate whenever possible rather than over the phone or email. This is an important step since an accurate assessment is only possible after seeing the size or dimensions of the equipment that is to be moved. Be vary of certain red-flags during this stage since they may be indicative of scams or unreliable companies. For example if someone quotes an estimate substantially lower than the market price, it could be a sign that either the movers don’t comprehend the magnitude of the project, or it could be bait to lure you into a scam.

If you follow these steps and then choose a company that checks all these boxes, you will hopefully protect yourself and your belongings, and make your move as stress free as possible. 

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