How to Pick Best Dancing Shoes

Comfortable dancing shoes can work miracles even with amateurs who learn to dance. They bring ease and comfort to all your moves. Since feet are one of the main instruments for any dancer, you need to buy the perfect pair of shoes right after your join classes. You may learn more about different shoes for each dancing style on the livethedance blog. Now we can start with the basics about dancing shoes and how to pick them.

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What to Consider Before You Buy Dancing Shoes

There are millions of different models on the market. Sometimes it is even hard for professional dancers to choose the pair they need. Newcomers can just get lost in the market offers. If you are worried about making the right choice, you have to pay attention to the following features your perfect shoes must have:

  • Perfect match. The shoes must sit perfectly on your feet. The best model lets you forget you are wearing any shoes when dancing. They are lightweight, perfectly fit, non-slippery, and do not slide from the foot. If the shoe has ribbons or straps as the fixation, it must not dig into the skin. The shoe must not be loose, or you will easily damage your foot while moving. It is better to test the shoes before training;
  • Toe protection. There must be specific toe protection for almost any type of dance. Toes are the most vulnerable part of your feet. Even if you have the open-toe shoes for the Latin-type dances, you still have to make sure your toes are fixated and there is extra support;
  • Sole. You can decide whether you want the split sole or the monolith. The split sole provides you freedom of movement but is more difficult for beginners who need the support of the feet. It must have a tight grip for steady moves. Suede is the most popular material for sole;
  • Durability. While you are dancing, you sweat a lot. Thus, you have to wash these shoes each time they smell. After several washing cycles, the shoes of poor quality can fall apart. If you want to save money, you have to pick high-quality materials for your shoes. It is the simplest way to prolong their life. Only reliable shoes can survive lots of training and still keep their form.

Choosing the Best Shoes

Once you decide to take dance classes, you have to consider your outfit. In the beginning, the socks may be enough, but after the first lesson, you may want to find something more appropriate. You can choose shoes based on the type of dances you want to learn. After that, you have to consider the benefits the model offers you and find the perfect match.

Which type of shoes do you use in your dances? How often do you change the models? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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