How to manage your start-up’s exponential growth: The story of Kazidomi

Toshoni Van Craen, the Strategy Manager at Kazidomi, a Belgian start-up specialized in healthy lifestyle products joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Toshoni Van Craen discuss the following:

  1. Who or what is Kazidomi?
  2. What would be the driver of this double digit growth?
  3. I can imagine this double digit growth brings a lot of challenges with it, what would be the biggest challenges and how do you tackle these?
  4. You’ve mentioned before that Kazidomi is really customer centric. How do you scale this customer centric support?
  5. That all sounds like it’s an exiting story, how do you see the future for Kazidomi?

In this episode, we’ll be talking about Kazidomi, a Belgian start-up specialized in healthy lifestyle products. Thanks to its subscription-based business model, the e-commerce was able to attain double digit growth. Being digital natives, its young and dynamic team aspires to become the European go-to for online healthy grocery shopping

Two years later, since their launch in 2016, the results are impressive: Kazidomi is growing at a rapid rate. The healthy lifestyle company, that started off as a university dissertation project for the two young entrepreneurs Emna Everard and Alain Etienne, is today a developed start-up with great potential. 

A unique concept in Europe !  

Kazidomi is a company with a mission: to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It aspires to do so by offering its range of healthy products at 20% to 50% cheaper than in retail for its subscribed members. Today, its happy subscribers even saved almost 1 million euros all together, compared to if they would have bought their products at the supermarket.  

Next to food, it offers a wide variety of hygiene, beauty, baby, home, health and other products. However, the young team at Kazidomi goes beyond just selling high quality products. It helps the customer at every step of the way to a healthier lifestyle, by providing inspiring articles, recipes, DIY tips, pictures and much more.  

Encouraging numbers 

With more than thousands of orders and hundreds of new subscribers on a monthly basis, the start-up was able to exceed all investors’ expectations. 

Despite its high-quality standards for its product catalogue (each product is carefully selected and approved by a team of medical specialists and dietitians), the Kazidomi product offer increases weekly. Brands are now getting in line, trying to mark their spot on the trusted platform.

The website started out with 350 products that pay attention to specific diet requirements (gluten free, lactose free, organic, vegan, without added sugar, etc), but has now reached 6 times that amount with no plans to stop this expansion in the future.

To be ensured of the best quality at the lowest price, the two founders developed their own brand with more than a hundred references in the catalogue.  

Team of digital natives 

To founder Emna Everard, customer happiness is key. As a response to the expansion and to maintain its high customer experience standards, the team welcomed 15 new employees since the beginning of 2018, consisting of digital natives who are not afraid of big challenges.   

Big dreams for the future  

With rapid growth comes a need for more capacity, financially as well as spatially. In February 2019, a new round of investment is planned to enlarge their current success in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. With delivery options all over Europe, the UK and Germany are next on the list to receive tailor-made Kazidomi attention.Due to the staggering number of new customers and orders, the product offer is not only growing in number of references, but also in terms of quantity per reference. As the current warehouse is not equipped to stock this large number of articles, the quest for new housing of the products has begun. 

It’s exciting times for the online healthy food supermarket in great expansion. All the while staying true to the great belief that “a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t break the bank”.

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