How to Manage a Crisis and Not Make it Worse: Secrets of a PR Consigliere

Paul Blanchard who is a passionate, articulate, entertaining speaker who knows PR like nobody’s business and author of:  Fast PR: Give Yourself a Huge Media Boost joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Paul Blanchard discuss the following:

  • What was your motivation for writing this book?
  • When it comes to PR crises, is ‘keep calm and carry on’ a cliché?
  • Is burying bad news a fatal mistake?
  • Talk to me about Uber’s crises. How should the company have handled them?

Paul  Blanchard  started  in  business  at  the  age  of  17,  and  is  the  founder  and   principal  consultant  of  Right  Angles.  With  offices  in  London  and  New  York  and   a  staff  of  twenty,  the  firm  is  at  the  cutting  edge  of  professional  reputation   management.

For  his  clients  Paul  is  an  enabler;  a  consigliere,  confidante,   adviser,  fixer  and  friend.  He’s  had  some  spectacular  global  PR  successes  –  all   of  which  you  will  read  about  in  his  book  –  and  some  ridiculous  failures  too  –  of   which  only  some  will  appear.

Alongside  his  media  consultancy  practice,  Paul  had  an  active  career  in  politics for  well  over  a  decade:  a  former  parliamentary  advisor,  he  served  six  years   elected  in  local  government  and  stood  for  Parliament  in  2005,  his  campaign   gaining  the  largest  vote  increase  in  the  country.  He  has  a  degree  in  Law,  and   Fellowships  of  the  RSA,  The  Royal  Institution,  and  the  Institute  of  Leadership   &  Management.

A  self-­‐confessed  media  geek,  he  also  presents  the  popular  podcast  Media   Masters  –  a  series  of  one-­‐to-­‐one  interviews  with  the  very  top  people  in  the   media  world.  With  several  hundred  thousand  listeners,  it  is  one  of  the  most   listened-­‐to  media  podcasts  in  the  world.  Away  from  work,  he  lives  with  his   wife  Heather  (and  their  dogs  Billy  and  Betty)  on  a  farm  near  the  village  of   Moulsoe,  Buckinghamshire,  UK.

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