How to jumpstart sales for your startup

The success of your start up business heavily depends on what you are willing to do to jumpstart your sales early on in your business lifecycle. It is said that one of Pinterest’s co-founders actually used to set homepages of Apple products in stores to Pinterest to get their first users. But with us around, you don’t have to go to such extremes. Now you can contact a PPC PRO today to kickstart your sales in no time, but if you are looking for an easy and free solution here is an easy strategy to get you the first clients for your business.

First clients come from your network

In the early stages of a startup, you can do things that don’t scale. You can start sales by developing a blog or starting an SEM campaign, because if you have no time or money to waste you really need to get some early adopters ASAP.

But how can one get them?

It’s easy. Just browse your closest network connections and search for people who might be interested in your products and services. Try to approach them in person or on social media and make sure to schedule customer interviews. These interviews will validate the following:

  • The problem you’re having and trying to solve
  • The solution (offered in several variations)
  • If it’s sellable (put a price on your products and services and try asking if they’d be willing to pay)

We recommend that you start with 20 interviews. You are bound to get clients if you are doing things correctly. If your network search remains unsuccessful, try approaching attendees of conferences.

If that is done wrongly too, don’t worry, it’s just a shot in the dark. But still, take your time and pick the right events. We are sure that it will become an interesting test that defines the best type of consumers for your services and products.

Close Feedback Loop

Closing the feedback loop is really important. The true value of your first clients doesn’t lie in how much money the leave you with. It’s the information they give you. Know that your first clients are nothing more than a streaming service of priceless feedback. Utilize them well.

The information your first clients offer will definitely give you a solid background depicting how people view your products and services, what you can do to improve them and how they really use them. It will assist you in defining your actual focus in product development.

It’ll will tell you things that your clients love so always keep a close feedback loop with your first customers and give them all the value you can.

Revenue Starts Flowing In

Revenue will start flowing and as soon as it does, and you get more clients, you should seriously start considering building your sales process. You can get a co-founder who has a great experience in sales. This could be the start of your new strong sales team. Remember, you will get nothing from sitting around so do some action and see how it ends for you. Learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again. Good Luck!

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