How to Invest in Real Estate Abroad and Obtain a Second Passport

Did you know that you can obtain citizenship through real estate investment? Pursuing citizenship through a real estate investment program is an increasingly popular way to gain access to a second country’s benefits, but the process can be complex. If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of obtaining citizenship through a real estate investment program, here’s what you need to know.

The need or desire to settle in another country over the long time can arise for various reasons – both business and personal. Many states are open to private investment and offer lucrative programs for those interested in citizenship or residence. 

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Together we’ll look at which countries’ passports and residence permits are more relevant and easier to obtain.

Invest in a House by the Sea

Buying overseas property in places such as St Kitts is the most popular way to obtain a second passport. You can have a residence for your own holidays or a rental property to generate income. Check out the St Kitts citizenship cost for a second passport if you want to find out more about this.

Today, the most popular destinations for buying overseas real estate are Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand. In these countries, you can find attractive, profitable projects for saving and increasing capital, and local real estate markets are growing steadily.

In each of these countries, investors can apply for immigration status.

  1.  In Turkey, you can obtain citizenship by purchasing real estate for $400,000. The immigration status of the country allows you to apply for a multi-visa Schengen for five years, get a business visa E-2 (USA), and its registration is completely confidential. To participate in the citizenship program, you can purchase several properties: for example, from $161,000, you can buy apartments from 48 sq. m in a modern complex in Antalya.
  2. Thailand offers an Investor visa for $270,000. With it, you can get visas to the EU and the US in Thailand and live in the country all year round. There is an attractive project in Thailand on Kamala Beach, Phuket, with units from under $229,000. The area of ​​apartments starts from 47 sq. m.
  3. In Cyprus, permanent residency can be obtained for investments in real estate from $300,000. This is suitable for those who want to maintain an EU bank account and protect their foreign exchange assets.
  4. In the UAE, obtaining a residence permit to purchase real estate is possible, and the minimum amount depends on the emirate. So, in Dubai, the cost of properties under a residence permit will start at $205,000, and in Abu Dhabi – $545,000. In Dubai, there are apartments in a modern complex on a picturesque embankment from 67 sq.m. at the cost of under $614,000. New conditions for the UAE Golden Visa have been in place since October – now, a 10-year status can be issued for investments from $545 thousand. Moreover, restrictions on the maximum stay outside the country have been lifted.

Not Only Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of many options. Suppose you don’t need an “extra” apartment abroad, but you keep foreign currency capital from $100,000 in a foreign bank. In that case, you can get a residence permit in the EU based on financial independence – there are such programs in Italy and Spain.

The Benefits of Citizenship By Investment Programs

The primary benefit of obtaining citizenship via an investment program is traveling freely and living comfortably abroad. Citizens may also access certain tax advantages and other financial benefits depending on the country. Furthermore, having dual citizenship can provide peace of mind for those living in countries with political unrest or unfavorable economic conditions.

A wide range of investments can be utilized to obtain a second passport, including real estate investment programs, capital investment options, and citizenship by descent programs. 

  1. Real estate investment programs provide eligible individuals with permanent residency status for an allotted period of time – generally up to five years. 
  2. Capital investment offers can grant citizenship within six months to three years and are based on investments ranging from $200,000 to more than $2 million in developed countries. 
  3. Citizenship by descent programs provides another option for those who have ancestry from certain countries, who then use that heritage to apply for Citizenship. 

With the potential benefits of obtaining a second passport these days, numerous decisions are available for those looking to invest abroad.

We hope this article explains why citizenship by real estate investment is becoming increasingly popular as more people seek out dual passports and access to new opportunities worldwide. 

With several excellent programs available that offer fast and easy routes toward obtaining a second passport, now is a great time for savvy investors and travelers looking to increase their global mobility and financial security through citizenship investments. If you’re considering this route, do your research carefully before making any commitments—but with careful planning, you could soon find yourself enjoying all the benefits that come with having dual nationality!

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