How to Grow Your Manufacturing Company through These Five Improvements

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing. Whether it’s a new technology to learn or an innovation that needs monitoring — changes can disrupt the manufacturing process and place pressures on performance.

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Unfortunately, this can lead to various mistakes if you constantly try to keep up with the market. In turn, this can cost your company money and even compromise safety.

Below are the top five ways to improve your manufacturing performance, so you can continue to grow.

1. Review Your Current Workflow

You can realize what changes you need to make when you analyze how everything works. There are three areas that you can assess to help you identify what needs improvement.

  • People: Consider whether you have employees with the right skills. In addition, do you have clearly defined objectives that are realistic and keep your employees safe?
  • Processes: Consider the last time you’ve mapped your processes. Are there any pain points or bottlenecks your company is currently facing?
Equipment and technology: Assess whether your equipment is up to date and your technology is optimal for your current needs.

2. Improve Processes and Technology

After reviewing your current workflow, you can begin identifying processes and technologies that could use updating. If you have old techniques, it may be time to introduce new workarounds, such as adding new equipment or changing production methods.

Automation is another way to increase efficiency. It’s a powerful tool that can reduce bottlenecks and minimize errors.

You may also need to look at new software solutions. These can help you improve scheduling, workflow monitoring and inventory management.

3. Regular Equipment Maintenance

Aside from updating your equipment, machinery will also need regular maintenance to ensure they work properly. For instance, a machine that has moving parts will require lubrication to function smoothly.

When you conduct regular equipment maintenance, you reduce the chances of malfunction. This is essential as machines can break down quickly — causing downtime and directly impacting productivity.

If possible, consider using your equipment less frequently to reduce wear and tear. In addition, safety is most important. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure every machine is fit to keep production efficient.

4. Maintain Optimal Inventory

Too much inventory means you need a place to store it, hoping you’ll use it all. Too little stock runs the risk of halting work production. Therefore, you must optimize your inventory to ensure your manufacturing business runs efficiently.

Consider investing in IoT (Internet of Things) and software to help you track inventory. Software is especially helpful in notifying you when your stock is getting low. You may also enable vendors to access your inventory directly, so they can automate inventory fulfillment when the need arises.

You can even maintain inventory by making predictions of possible shortages and putting processes in place to mitigate delays.

5. Train and Motivate Employees

Staff training is necessary and crucial as it ensures they have sufficient knowledge to perform their jobs correctly. Depending on what you need to keep your business growing, you can either train them on specific tasks or as generalists.

Training should be ongoing since employees, equipment, and procedures can change over time. You must also motivate your employees by listening to their needs and providing feedback. Positive reinforcement is a surefire way to achieve better results.

You could also include your employees in important decisions about completing things faster. Gaining their input will give you greater insight, create an inclusive and positive workforce — and improve the company culture.

Increase Productivity to Increase Revenue

Increasing your productivity results means you’ll have a better chance of generating more revenue. And the more income there is, the more opportunity you have to expand your business. Ensure you prioritize reviewing your processes regularly and use these tips to provide the most value for your manufacturing company.

Eleanor is editor of Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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