How to Get More Shoutouts on Instagram

The key to quickly growing on Instagram, is to get more shoutouts. You can use shoutouts to generate more sales and followers almost instantly. When you get shoutouts from other accounts on Instagram, you reach a new audience. An audience who weren’t exposed to you before. 

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Also, some extra words of praise from an influencer will improve your credibility and get their followers to trust you. Your social media clout will go up quickly and people will want to check out your products or follow you. 

If you want to growth hack your Instagram marketing, then you should check out my top tips to get more shoutouts on Instagram

Create better content:

There are thousands of accounts on Instagram that just republish content created by others. Their aim is to publish as much quality content as they can. They want this content to not only nurture their followers but also attract new ones. 

So, if you simply create quality content, you will end up with a lot of shoutouts organically as these accounts will republish your posts. Your quality content shouldn’t just look good, but should also be optimized to stand out in the feed, generate a ton of engagement and appear on the explore page. This will attract a lot of attention and lead to the republication of your content on accounts with many more followers. 

So, do some research to figure what the most popular pieces of content out there are and then create your own versions of them. Also, spend some time to optimize the posts to generate as many impressions as possible. You can also use various Instagram tools for best results on Instagram marketing.

Look for influencers:

As I mentioned, you will get some shoutouts organically, but you shouldn’t only rely on them. Your aim should be to get as many shoutouts as possible. So, instead of waiting around and hoping that influencers might discover your content and give shoutouts on Instagram look for potential influencers who will want to publish your content. 

You can do this on Instagram itself. Just type in a hashtag related to your niche and it will show you all the top posts from influencers. Go through them and find the most related ones. Add their profile URLs along with the accounts’ stats such as followers, engagement rate, average likes per post, etc. to a spreadsheet. 

You can also save time by using an influencer finder tool. There are several out there that will help you quickly find influencers and all the relevant metrics. 

Build relationships:

Once you have a list of over 100 influencers you can get started with reaching out. But don’t do this immediately. Instead, focus on building a relationship with them at the beginning. Influencer marketing is at its peak right now. There are hundreds of your competitors who are constantly DMing these influencers and asking them for shoutouts. Influencers find this annoying. 

This is why you should differentiate yourself from them and focus on building relationships with influencers before you reach out. You can easily do this by commenting and liking their posts. You can also DM them compliments. They will really appreciate it. Most people will DM them begging for free shoutouts, but yours will be a compliment. Hence, the reply rate will be high. 

Some of the influencers will actually begin reciprocating by engaging with your content and DMing you with compliments. 

Ask for a shoutout:

Once you have a solid relationship with an influencer, you can ask for a shoutout. But instead of sending them a DM, send them an email. Sending a DM on Instagram is easy. Tons of people do it. An email will help you stand out as fewer people do it. 

So, if possible try to find their email address. Some influencers will list it in their bio. If it’s not there, you will need to do some extra bit of research with an email finder tool. Some will also have a contact form on their website. 

In the email let them know that you like their content and that you have been engaging with it for the past few days/weeks. After that ask them to check out your content and if they would be interested in giving you a shoutout for free. If you are okay with a paid shoutout, you can ask them what their fee is. 

Some influencers will also be interested in doing a shout for shout. This is where they will give you a shoutout from their account, in exchange for a shoutout on yours. If you are okay with this, you can ask them. 

You don’t have to always email them. If they replied to your relationship oriented DMs in the past, it might be better to DM them again as they will recognize you. They will be more likely to get back to you on the network itself. 


This the step-by-step process you can use to get more shoutouts. Remember that, getting shoutouts will take a lot of time. There’s a lot of rejection. You will probably get 1 to 2 shoutouts for every 10 to 20 people you contact. This number can go up significantly if you go with the paid route. So, don’t be discouraged if you get very few replies and shoutouts. 

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