How to Elevate Your Daily Business Output

Mikaela Delia from miracle marketing, a company that provides affordable online marketing for startups and small businesses joins Enterprise Radio to talk about how to elevate your daily business output.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mikaela Delia discuss the following:

  1. How can someone maintain productivity throughout their entire day?
  2. What would you tell someone who’s overwhelmed by the work they have in the day ahead and don’t know where to start?
  3. If someone’s online marketing output isn’t giving them any returns, what do you think the problem may be?
  4. How can someone stay positive each day in times of business uncertainty?
  5. How can someone create healthy daily habits that will contribute to the growth of their business?

Mikaela started her own business after quitting a high-level, cushy corporate job that offered her no passion or fulfillment. Trusting her intuition and her skills, Mikaela capitalized on the need for affordable, no B.S. online marketing for small businesses and startups, specifically. This is her target audience because, they, just like her, conquered the fear of uncertainty, found excitement in risk, and pursued their own natural passion and purpose. miracle marketing marries the objectivism of business operations with subjectivism of spirituality, success, fearlessness, faith, and all things positive and hopeful.


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