How to choose a web design company?

Choosing a company to make your website sometimes seems like a shot in the dark. Everyone knows some history of someone who got frustrated when making a website and the reasons are the most varied. In general, there are some tips when hiring a company or a professional to make your website:

Visit customer sites of the company you intend to hire

You can’t hire a company without knowing what it has already done. Younger companies have smaller portfolios, but they do not have lower quality. But do not be impressed with graphics and animations. Pay attention, when analyzing the portfolio of a web designer, to sites similar to what you intend to do. A company’s portfolio can sometimes be independently investigated. The point is that we can use various online forums to find out as much as possible about a web design company. By interacting on web master forums, we can get “various neutral information” from fellow members. This method is highly recommended rather than getting information from sites affiliated with web design company sites we want to deal with. Also, it is important to watch the previous portfolios done. Visit the websites of the clients, highlight the things you liked and did not like in the website. Take a look at as many portfolios as possible, after which you can realize whether or not to hire the web design agency. The thing is that there are a lot of options to choose from, however you should be smart enough to hire a good one who you can trust for a long period of time.

Be realistic and objective

In fact, many problems can be avoided when you explain well what you want, and define in advance all the financial parts (values, deadlines and any more). Get access to all passwords and domain accounts, hosting, site control panel (if any), ftp login& its password and all the necessary information so you can have independence and freedom when hiring a professional to update or modify your site. The site is yours, and you have the right to choose. Many people feel reluctant to ask questions and this is precisely why they are crawling on incompatible SEO techniques.

Be careful

Avoid Flash and sites in tables, and remember: Google search results can’t be bought – they are solely the function of the content and structure of the site – do your homework and your site appears. Be wary of promises such as “I put your site on the first page of Google for some Euros.” Many irresponsible companies offer a million dreams to amateur site owners. They offer instant ways in return for a lot of money. This is the classic way of how digital fraudsters deceive people who don’t value a process. The process cannot be separated from success and sometimes, instant ways are made to get through it. Unfortunately, not all instant ways we really need. Some of them actually make our site trapped by Google or worse, we waste a lot of money on nothing.

Select local services

By choosing local services, you can get facilities that have been tailored to our specific needs. For example, if you work on a site with a target market for Portuguese people, it would be better if you deal with a web design Portugal company. SEO needs in each country are different, following prevailing market tastes. We can’t generalize SEO taste because it will only lead to futile efforts. By using local services, we can also save costs significantly.

The final tip: Open conversation and transparency on both sides. Speak, without shame, of prices and deadlines. Make more of your budget if you can. It is common to work on contracts, especially if the project takes longer. But in the case of a simple website with 5 or 6 pages and product catalog, you can have your website on the air in less than 2 weeks for a value of 3 digits, with quality. Hopefully this article can give you some inspirational constructs.

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