How to Choose a Venue for a Corporate Event?

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Finding the right place to conduct a corporate event is as important as creating a schedule and finding people who will be conducting the seminars, training, etc. The right place with trained staff can mean hassle-free training and proper execution of the plan. It will impact the success of your event by making the attendees feel relaxed and comfortable as they follow a fixed plan for a few days. So, how should you find a venue that has everything you need from a conference room to refreshing evening tea?

Here is a list of factors that you need to consider while choosing a venue for your corporate event. 


The first and foremost thing that you need to consider while choosing a venue is the space and layout of the place. Before this step, you will have to estimate your number of guests. Once you know how many people are going to be your event, you will know what size of halls/conference rooms you are going to need. It will also be useful to see the kind of events you are going to conduct. A corporate event that is going to have team building activities might need open spaces like lawns, while a plan that consists of just meetings and presentations can be conducted entirely indoors. 

Location and Parking

The location of the venue is crucial for the convenience of the attendees. if all the attendees are from within the city, you can arrange the event at a place that is easily accessible to everyone. If some of the attendees are coming from out of town, then the best thing to do will be to arrange the event at a venue that is close to the railway station or airport. This way, you save a lot of communication hassles and time. A parking facility is also a crucial aspect of choosing a venue. You will need parking space at the site based on how many people are arriving on their vehicles. So, when you go venue hunting, check for the capacity of the venue both in terms of people and cars. 


Every venue does not offer all the amenities needed for a corporate event, So, ask the management in advance the kind of facilities they are offering. Better yet, make a list of what you are looking for and discuss an arrangement accordingly. Some venues won’t have everything you need, but if there are informed in advance, they will be happy to arrange the tenure of your event. While you are talking about the amenities, do not forget to discuss catering and mention specific food requests, if you have any. 

Food and Beverage

When you are deciding about amenities, talk in length about the number of meals, the menu, and beverages that you will be needing. Make a detailed meal plan based on your schedule and let the hotel know about it in advance, so that all your meals and beverages like high-tea and beer are ready when you need them. You might also consider outside catering at some venues, therefore make plans in advance and discuss at the time of booking itself.


If your attendees are going to come in from out of town, you will need rooms for them to stay. A venue that has rooms for the guests will be the best choice because that way, the guests won’t have to travel to and from the event venue every day. If you do not like the accommodation provided by the site, you can always look elsewhere and make arrangements at nearby places and arrange for transportation. Discuss this at the time of booking the site to avoid last-minute issues with the stay options. 

Branding Opportunities

A corporate event needs branding and signage. Find out what kind of facilities the place is offering. Some sites provide branding and signage options in a package, while for others, you may have to ask and discuss. Provide them with sizes, brand colors, and content in advance to avoid mistakes. Ask the management to help with branding ideas in terms of items like water bottles, room amenities, etc. 

Staff Support

A corporate event will call for a variety of staff support other than the hospitality staff. You will need valet parking drivers; you will need a tech staff to troubleshoot tech issues, and you might need extra wait staff depending on the number of people attending your corporate event. Ask the venue managers, what they can arrange, and if you could bring a team from outside to help during the event. Most corporate event venues will arrange for the staff. Discussing this point before deciding your venue will save you a lot of last-minute running around.

A corporate event means meticulous planning. You have to be very detailed in what you need from your venue in terms of space, facility, and more. Make sure to make a list of every detail and check them one by one. Do not miss even a single point mentioned above, or you will end up with a mismanaged corporate event and a ton of negative publicity. 

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