How to Build an Automated Funnel to Attract New Clients and Customers…Without Being Salesy

brian lofrumento

Brian Lofrumento, Founder of Premiership Talk joins Enterprise Radio. Brian has built two six-figure businesses and now helps over 1,600 students from around the world build their own online income streams with his high-end coaching and training programs.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Brian Lofrumento discuss the following:

  • I understand you recently had a major product launch on Udemy. Tell us about that experience and what you learned.
  • So what exactly do you mean by “funnel”? A lot of people talk about sales funnels and automated funnels, but what exactly does that mean?
  • So how does the introduction of a lead magnet into a business help them get more sales? Shouldn’t they be afraid of giving away too much value for free?
  • What’s the single most important part of the funnel? What do most business owners get wrong?
  • So for all the entrepreneurs listening right now, what’s the one thing they need to do first in order to create an automated funnel for their business?
  • I understand you have a free gift for the listeners today… where can they find that?

Duration: 10:52

Brian Lofrumento is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach who has founded several companies online, with a global reach of over 3.5 million people from over 200 countries around the world. At the age of 19, Brian founded Premiership Talk, which grew into one of the most read soccer websites in the world. After managing a writing staff of 20 writers and perfecting online monetization strategies and multiple revenue streams, Brian founded and served as CEO of NewGen Consultants, a Boston-based Search Engine Optimization agency. Under Brian’s leadership, NewGen grew to six-figures in just over 12 months, with clients from all across the United States.

At the end of 2013 Brian turned his focus to creating high-impact, high-end training programs and courses for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, and launched his first course, Blogging Your Way to Profits. In 2014 Brian launched his flagship program, the 4 Weeks to a Profitable Funnel Workshop, and has had over 1,600 students go through the program.

Brian’s work has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Chicago Sun-Times, Search Engine Journal, England’s The Independent, and Russia’s Zvezda News. Today Brian works with select brands and individuals, focusing exclusively on innovative, high-ROI internet marketing techniques, helping businesses rapidly grow and scale their revenue while building automated processes and sales funnels. He also speaks at seminars and conferences throughout the United States, and has guest-lectured in academic settings and universities.

Brian Lofrumento

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