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How To Become An Investment Banker Or Start Investing Like A Hedge Fund Manager With No Experience

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Todd Massedge, Founder of the Invest Like The Street program that helps students and adults break into their dream careers by becoming better investors joins Enterprise Radio to discuss how you can become an investment banker or start investing like a hedge fund manager with NO experience.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Todd Massedge discuss the following:

  • Can you give me a quick summary of what you do over at Invest Like The Street?
  • Can you tell me more about the Invest Like The Street Analyst Program and how that works?
  • What are some of the success stories you’ve had so far?
  • How do you plan on expanding Invest Like The Street in the future?
  • Why do you think understanding investing is crucial for those looking to start a business?

Tip: For those who want to quit their jobs and find a business to start, think of the easiest, lowest cost service or course you are knowledgeable and offer to others. You don’t need to invest thousands into a business to get started.

Todd Massedge is the Founder of Invest Like The Street, a company designed to help people become better investors, entrepreneurs, and break into their dream jobs. Invest Like The Street’s well-known Analyst Program has helped students break into highly desired careers like investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, etc.  The program teaches students the fundamentals of value investing, and gives hands-n experience with fields such as: financial analysis, accounting, business model analysis, valuation, financial modeling, how to research stocks, etc. Most graduates learn how to become an investment banker, as well as how to break into various buy-side roles.

Prior to starting his own business, Todd worked as a buy-side analyst at Huber Capital Management in El Segundo, CA covering chemical and healthcare companies. Before moving to the buy-side, Todd worked as a credit analyst at Moody’s Investor Service covering high-yield healthcare companies.
Todd graduated from UCONN in 2013 where he studied Finance and Actuarial Science, and was the Lead Investment Manager of the Student Managed Fund his senior year.


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