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How Technology Can Help Your Salon Business

Posted: November 26, 2014 at 7:16 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Running your own salon business always presents new challenges, but new technology can help you combat this. Here’s a few ways management software can help you take control of your company.

Get Better Organized

Taking client appointments can take up a lot of you or your employee’s time. New management programs allow these to be easily organized through color-coded bookings to keep you on top of everything. Automated SMS reminders can then be sent to your clients to remind them of their appointment and ensure they don’t miss their booking without warning you first. Creating a personal smartphone app, for business use only, is also possible so employees can have access to their own work schedules on the go.

You can also use management software to more easily monitor your company’s product stock levels and business performance. This is especially useful if you also sell some of the products you use to your clients. You’ll be able to manage sales, stock, and turnover reports on your computer or smartphone to help you keep on top of your business wherever you are. Stock levels can be monitored easily and you can be prompted automatically when you’re ever low on a particular item. You can even set the system to automatically order the product when you reach certain levels so that’ll you always have the supplies you need.

Improve Customer Relations

Many software providers are able to extend this functionality from your desktop to your mobile devices for both you and your customers. This is ideal as shopping online has become second nature to consumers these days. Dedicated smartphone apps often perform much better than the equivalent mobile website and they also serve as a consistent reminder of your business on the client’s device. Your app can be personalized to match your brand and allow customers to easily book and pay for appointments at any time with their credit card. Make sure you have an app for iOS, Android, and Windows so you can reach as much of your customer-base as possible.

Not only will this provide your clients with a convenient way to purchase services from your company, they’ll also be able to more easily leave you customer feedback. Additionally, you can take advantage of advanced data analytics to see what they’re buying, how often, and even their location. This kind of information is essential in identifying reliable trends that will be central to moving the business forward.

Another great way to improve customer relations is by updating the technology available at your cash register. As contactless payment systems, such as new Apple Pay service, become more popular customers will start to expect it everywhere they shop. Allowing the use of gift cards and offering a loyalty scheme are other simple ways your business can create increase customer convenience. Points-based loyalty systems average an additional $3 for every $10 spent so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you’re still curious about implementing management software in your own business, Phorest Software currently offer a free trial service to hair and beauty salons, nail bars, and spas. Take a look and see how their software can improve your company. You can also check an excellent article on nail dipping powder systems.

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