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How Select the Right Job Agency North York

Posted: September 12, 2020 at 2:50 pm / by / comments (0)

As the economy of North York continues to grow every day, companies need to employ skilled workforce to take up the newly created jobs in different industries. This is where a job agency North York comes in, especially for businesses that don’t have a stable recruitment department. But it is not about just using a recruitment agency, but getting the best job agency that will help your company get the best talents out there.

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However, with the increasing number of job agencies, it can be overwhelming to choose one agency to meet your recruitment needs. Luckily, here at Team Global we scouted the internet and compiled some of the key factors you should consider when looking for the best job agency in North York. Take a look.

  1. Are they properly equipped to handle specific recruitment needs?

Often, it is easy to fall for any job agency North York you come across when you have not had luck in landing a job for a long time. This tactic is not rewarding and you may sometimes end up with an agency that is new and unqualified.

So, make sure you check if it has the right connections for the job you are looking for. If for example, you are looking for a banking role, it will be futile to look in an agricultural-based agency.

  1. What is their Capacity?

Companies looking to fill vacant positions should consider an agency’s capacity to supply employees. If you want a large number of candidates, consider working with big agencies. They have large databases and can help you quickly fill the positions.

  1. How Do They Screen the potential candidates?

Roles that require interacting with customers requires candidates with impeccable communication and emotional skills. These people should show empathy, confidence, and should know how to dress neatly. Does the job agency North York check these when submitting names to your company?

Consider an agency that knows the important values for each role rather than those that send you general candidates and leave the screening for you. It can help you save time and pick from a pool of competitive candidates.

  1. Do They Offer What You Need?

Recruitment agencies work with different KPIs and approaches. Check whether the North York job agency works in line with your recruitment requirements before signing a contract with them. Check if they are committed to delivering what they promise to avoid disappointments.

A good example is checking its process. For example, do agree to submit candidate’s profiles in your preferred mode? Are they willing to adjust to fit your needs? If not, you can end up having a challenging time to keep up with each other and get satisfying results.

  1. Do They Have the Same Culture as Yours?

The job agency North York you sign a contract with helps you in running job ads, crafting terms of employment, getting candidates, and other valuable roles. So, if your company culture is oriented to a particular style, make sure the agency you choose understand it and works within it.

The agency should be able to source for soft skills in candidates to help you have a perfect match for your position. Otherwise, any conflicting values will lead to a tough collaboration.

  1. Are they delivering?

Often, when signing a contract with a North York job agency, it is because you want to save time and focus on your business. So, you set timelines that the agency should deliver. They should get the right candidate with relevant qualifications within this time.

However, if they keep failing you occasionally, then, they are not a good match. The ideal way to get a reliable agency is by orienting several of them at a go. Give them different roles and assess their performance in terms of time management, and types of candidates they have.

If an agency does not provide value, it is a good idea to let go and find another one.

If you get the answers to the above queries, there is no doubt you are going to get the right North York job agency that you can rely on for your recruitment needs.

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