How Much Should You Spend on a Massage Gun?

There is nothing as relaxing as a good massage. Whether you have tight muscles from an intense workout or are stressed out from work, massages can effectively improve the way you feel. You almost immediately feel soothed and relaxed. However, making time for regular hour-long massages can be difficult. Fortunately, you now have something that can resolve that difficulty in the form of a massage gun. 

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The big question though is – how much does a massage gun cost? Generally, you can expect to shell out anywhere between $500 to $800 for top-of-the-line massage guns that come with different features and controls. But there are also more affordable options that can give you pretty much the same benefits as their high-end counterparts.

If you plan to add this device to your overall wellness routine, price is an important thing to consider. Though many might say massage guns would probably cost an arm and a leg, this isn’t always the case. 

First of all, what’s a massage gun?

A massage gun, or a  percussion massager, is pretty much how it sounds: it’s a gun-shaped recovery device used to massage a person’s body. You can use them at home when you need them. You just apply the gun on your muscles and let it do all the work. Just make sure not to use it directly on the area where you feel pain, or where there’s swelling. 

How Much do Massage Guns Cost?

Top-of-the-line massage guns that come with various features can be expensive. Most high-end brands will easily set you back $500 to $800. Now, for licensed physios, chiros, and pro athletes, this may not be that much of a setback since they’d get a lot of use out of their devices.

But what if you just want to use a massage gun a few days out of the week, to relax after a long day at work? Or do you just need something to warm up and relax your muscles when you go running or on long bikes during weekends? Are there more affordable options out there or is spending almost a thousand dollars on top-of-the-line massage guns your only option?

Fortunately, there are plenty of quality massage gun options available that wouldn’t burn a hole through your pocket. Usually priced at under $300, these massage guns provide the same benefits without the huge price tag.

The only possible downside of a cheaper type of massage gun is that these may be a little well – challenging – to use. But, if you take your time learning how these devices work and don’t mind the learning curve, you should not have a problem using and of course – spending a lot less on these massage guns. 

How does a massage gun work?

A massage gun works on something called the ‘pain gate theory. This theory states that you can “trick” your brain into not feeling pain by blocking pain signals.

A massage gun will utilize either a circular or a punching motion to mimic an actual body massage. In short, this is known as “percussive massage”. The massage gun comes with a different intensity level so you can be sure that you get the right type of massage that your muscles need to recover.

While using the massage gun, you boost the flow of blood and speed up recovery by lowering the chances of DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness which often comes after an intense exercise session. 

Do you need massage guns?

Practically anyone who is seeking to find stress, tension, and pain relief will need to use massage guns. These devices can be used by physical therapists, chiropractors, athletes, and non-athletes alike.

Top benefits of using massage guns

With certain massage guns costing almost $1000, it is normal to think if these devices are even worth that much money to begin with. Although you don’t need to shell out that amount on your device, it still pays to know the reasons why this is a worthwhile investment.

Easy to use and portable. Taking time off from your hectic schedule for a trip to a massage therapist can be a hassle. It can also be expensive if you need to come in for multiple appointments. 

The great thing about a massage gun is its portability and ease of use. You can use one at home or while you travel. The user interface is also very simple, even for first-time massage gun users.

You can get the same outcome or physical benefits from a deep tissue massage. Let’s be honest here, there is nothing that will compare to an actual massage performed by a licensed, experienced therapist. 

If relaxation after a workout or recovery from an injury is what you seek, a massage gun can offer effective relief, but for a more comprehensive solution, consider the benefits of Massage chairs. Massage guns use percussive force to ease pain and tension at the same time boosting the flow of oxygen and blood.

A massage gun is effective at relieving symptoms of DOMS or delayed muscle onset soreness. DOMS commonly happens after a rigorous workout and using a massage gun speeds up muscle recovery and helps strengthen it to get you ready for your next workout session.

Relaxes and activates the nerves. The percussive force from a massage gun helps to activate and relax your nerves, which then releases all tension from the muscles.

Improved flexibility. A massage gun can be used all over your body. By using it regularly, your joints don’t get strained as much and make you more flexible and protect you from injuries and muscle soreness or damage.

Simply put, anyone who is interested to improve their overall wellness while keeping muscle soreness at bay would benefit from using a massage gun. These devices work on your muscles and keep you ready to take on life’s challenges. 

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