How Modern Musicians Hone their Craft

The music industry can be challenging to navigate. Still, above all else, a musician must have talent above all else. The demanding industry is why self-improvement and craftsmanship are so crucial as constant practice for a musician. Musicians at any stage of their career can see the benefits of working on themselves.

There isn’t just one way to improve. Musicians see progress each time they take a class, learn a new instrument, collaborate, and experience new music.

Whether you’ve just purchased a new casio keyboard and need a bit of direction getting started, or you’re just a little unsure of how to upgrade your capabilities, here’s a little inspiration for you from the current industry giants. Below are the most powerful ways that today’s top up-and-coming musicians are honing their craft.

Taking Classes

Did you know that diversifying your skills as a musician can earn you greater marketability? It can also add depth to your songwriting and improve your understanding of music in general.

If you’re primarily a singer, try taking a guitar class from an expert like Vidal Gonzalez. Anyone can benefit from lessons, both beginners and experts alike.

You can find lessons in person, online like in MasterClass, with a large class, individually, at your own pace, or with a live teacher. This diversity is terrific because everyone can learn in a way that suits them best. Practice in between lessons to truly set your skills and habituate them.

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Explore New Mediums

Maybe you’ve recorded an album before, but have you composed a musical? Put your writing and performance skills to the test with all new creative outlets. A few popular ways that you can use knowledge of music to create influential art are:

  • Musical theater
  • Film score composition
  • Commercial projects (jingles)
  • Theme songs
  • Podcast interludes or intros

The more you explore, the more your skills will naturally expand.

Collaborate on Social Media

Nowadays, you don’t have to stick to collaborating with the musicians in your area. Anyone can collaborate with anyone all over the world.

This broad reach means that you can continuously work with new musicians without running out of new people to meet and inspire you. Each artist can teach you something valuable about the craft that you hadn’t considered before.

Putting your music online can mean opening yourself up to the possibility of collaborating with exciting partners. Post a music video on YouTube or even just a cover on your Twitter or Instagram. Young musicians today use their digital brand to catch the eye of other creators online.

Setting a Schedule

Sometimes, half of the work of improvement is planning and commitment. Forgetting to practice or not making time in your schedule to improve can lead to you falling behind. Set aside time each day to practice and stick to your plan.

Be sure that your practice is as productive as it can be. You can do this by eliminating distractions and having all the things you need ready and at hand, so you don’t have to look for them later.

Get your notebook and pen ready, your instrument tuned, and your water poured. This way, when it’s time to start, you can begin with creativity rather than launching into logistics.

The Bottom Line

Creating music is a passion, a pastime, and an occupation. Today’s musicians have been getting creative with ways to improve their craft and elevate their act. Take a class, explore new mediums, collaborate with artists online, or set a smart practice schedule. All of these can be effective methods of improvement. Try out some of these methods to help you improve your writing and performance as a musician.

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