How Edtech Startup Role Model Mentors is Innovating the Antiquated Tutoring Industry

Derek Correia the CEO and Co-Founder of Role Model Mentors, an innovative brand that pairs kids from Kindergarten to 8th Grade with high school mentors for academics, music lessons and sports joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Derek Correia discuss the following:

  1. What is Role Model Mentors and what makes it different from tutoring?
  2. How do both the mentees and the mentors benefit from this new approach of “homework and hobbies” and “fractions and football”
  3. Businesses big and small focus on disruption. How is Role Model Mentors disrupting the tutoring category?
  4. You position yourself as an “EdTech” company. Where does technology come in?
  5. What’s next for Role Model Mentors?

TIP: Commit to running your business in analog fashion before building out the tech platform or another best practice.

Derek Correia knows kids, as he has coached more than 40 youth sports teams and mentored dozens of youth. Derek is a 25+ year executive who has navigated senior roles across Fortune 500 companies including Pepsico and Diageo, as well as private equity and startups. Role Model Mentors has became his passion based on its ability to transform lives as a FOPSE (For Profit Social Enterprise). Before Role Model Mentors, he spent 11 years as the CEO/Partner of Source, a marketing services agency in Norwalk, CT with a blue-chip client roster. He is a sought-after strategist in branding, experiential, digital/social, CRM and product innovation. More recently Derek helped launch numerous start-ups in technology, personal services, energy, music education and craft brewing. He lives in Bedford, NY with his wife Kelly and their three children.

Role Model Mentors is a go-to source for parents seeking to support their children in academics, sports training or music lessons, providing a dynamic solution that pairs kids kindergarten through 8th grade with talented, high-achieving high school students that share their interests. They help with homework and hobbies, and they teach fractions and football. They know Beethoven and biology…and they do it with positive reinforcement that builds confidence and character. By combining multiple activities into each dynamic session – with a young role model children can relate to – the kids are more engaged, cover more ground, and have more fun than they would with adult instructors – leading to better results, and the confidence and capability to succeed. Role Model Mentors also help to develop critical skills that support the mentors’ own college ascension. Role Model Mentors is a FOPSE (For Profit Social Enterprise) and makes mentoring affordable to those who can’t otherwise afford it.


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