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How Does Product Packaging Help Marketing?

Posted: August 20, 2019 at 5:18 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Products don’t just make themselves known overnight. A ton of research and marketing goes into making a product sell. There are many ways a product sells, and this is achieved most especially through the right use of packaging design and marketing. Marketing to a consumer is something that is often overlooked in a sense that the consumers themselves don’t realize they’ve already been swept off their feet to buy, buy, and buy. But how exactly does marketing products do this neat trick of letting the consumer insta-buy? How does the right product packaging come into play?

Firstly, let us look into why packaging matters. Packaging is important in distinguishing a product from the rest because, for one thing, it brings with it the chance to showcase the brand. With so many companies in the same market, the competition is intense, and the reliance on good marketing is key to ensuring they have a good reputation with the consumers. And the one good way to get these consumers attention and eventually help them stay with the brand is through good packaging. There are many companies that would ensure their product packaging is consistent and speaks true to their brand. And in turn, there are many consumers who buy solely because of the brand—how the brand’s reputation lives up to its standard.

Packaging must not be overlooked by any possible entrepreneur when they want to market their product. Humans are visual beings and are more likely to purchase a certain item when it looks good to them. This is why supermarkets display the good-looking and pretty fruit on the fruit stands—to make sure that the ones that stand out the most on the display are the ones that are easily accessible and are, most of the time, at eye level. So how much of the right packaging is needed to sway a potential buyer into purchasing an item?

What good is there of a great product when the packaging does not bring in the customers? Since packaging is the best way to present the product, there are a few things one should remember when creating good product packaging, which are the following:

Great Design 

Customizing the packaging for a product must not only adhere to the brand itself but also be appealing to others. Factors like shelf impact and clear typography should be considered when creating the design of the product’s packaging. 

Honest Presentation

Product packaging should not advertise the product as something that is not what it is. Honest presentation and factual content is key in reigning in potential buyers and ensuring that consumers know what they pay for.

Know the Competition

Being aware of the competition is important as this will influence how one should design their own product packaging as well. It shouldn’t be too close to being the same as the rest, but it shouldn’t be too far off that instead of being wowed by its design, consumers’ attention will be diverted from it instead.

One must consider the following when creating the right product packaging that will aid in marketing the value of the brand better, and these are (1) its design and structurability, (2) sustainability, (3) environmental responsibility, and (4) applicable environmental and recycling regulations. Today, many consumers consider these factors when choosing to purchase a certain item. There are many consumers who are largely influenced by the design of a product’s packaging while others consider the environmental effects these have to the planet. Most entrepreneurs must also consider these aspects as well when it comes to their brand.

Creating the perfect blend of these factors to the brand can be a daunting task; however, these are important and quite helpful at bringing in prospects. One should understand the importance of packaging, not only in keeping the goods fresh and protected, but also as an essential part of their branding and marketing efforts. Marketing relies on successful product packaging to communicate the value of the product to the consumers. It can make or break how well a marketing campaign can go when advertising for the product. Good product packaging can build the brand. Think of the product packaging as a miniature billboard that can single-handedly attract potential buyers and loyal consumers.

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