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How a Professional Restorer Can Perform Step-by-Step Flood Damage Restoration

Posted: March 18, 2020 at 5:34 pm / by / comments (0)

Flood damage is the worst situation in your house. How does it feel when your precious things are destroyed in front of you? Which thing in your house to save first? How to stop the flood damage? Like this, there are hundreds of questions arising in your mind while facing such a situation.

It is nearly impossible for you to restore your house from flood damage without professional help. You can also try the DIY techniques. But, if the damage is large, then it is recommended to hire the best professional services near your area.

In this article, you will study how a professional restorer can restore your flood damage situation in five quick steps.

Five Quick Steps For Flood Damage Restoration

1. Identify the source of flooding

The flood damage restoration process starts with the identification of the flood source. Once the source point is found, your professional restorer can form a restoration plan based on the level of flood damage. Moreover, restoration experts contact insurance providers to recover flood damage loss. Premiere Restoration of Mankato is a great resource for all of your water removal needs.

2. Start the restoration process

As soon as your professional restorer tests the level of flood damage, start the process. The professional water damage restoration services use a truck-mounted cleaning system. They have advanced equipment and tools to extract the water from all your residential or commercial areas. Moreover, they also use dehumidifiers to remove the standing water and moisture from all affected substances.

3. Carpet, sheetrock, and insulation restoration

The carpets in your home are the first material that absorbs excess water in it. This can damage its fiber and backing. While sheetrock and insulation absorb little water, and so they start swelling. However, professionals can easily restore your carpets, sheetrock, or insulation from flood damage using the latest tools and techniques.

4. Cleaning and disinfecting the area

As floodwater is contaminated, it is important to clean this water completely from your house. Also, it contains many harmful microorganisms and even leads to mold growth. The professional restorer will sanitize the place after cleaning the floodwater. Otherwise, the mold and mildew growth begins in the moisture affected areas.

5. Drying the place thoroughly

When the water is removed, professionals use air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to dry the place thoroughly. This thing usually takes 3-5 days. Moreover, after the drying step, professionals will inspect the structural damage in the affected areas of damage. If it is present, then they work with insurance providers to restructure the plan again.

End Words

Flood damage can create severe conditions for your home. It impacts your carpet, floors, drywall, and even the structural integrity of the house. Even if only a small part of your house is affected, then also it is important to take immediate action.

However, the flood damage situation can be localized or widespread, but it depends on the location of your home. Even the extent to which flood occurs also matters. Anyhow in any type of minor or major flood damage situation, you will need professional guidance to restore it.

Kings of Steam offers professional flood damage restoration services over the years. We are an IICRC-certified carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning company. Our experts use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system to remove all hard stains from your carpet.

If you need our help in any type of emergency, then call us at (720) 663-8770 or visit our website: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock. Also, stay updated with us on our Facebook page to get more tips on flood damage restoration.

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