How 9/11 has changed the security space with Greg Hollis of Trinity Protection Services

Greg Hollis

Greg Hollis, President & CEO of Trinity Protection Services with a mission to provide state-of-the-art physical security services for commercial and residential entities, city, state, and federal governments joins Enterprise Radio. Greg discusses how 9/11 has changed the security space forever.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with eDC (Greater Washington, D.C. Entrepreneurs).

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Greg Hollis discuss the following:

  • Can you tell our audience about your company Trinity Protection Services and the work that you and employees do every day. With today being September 11th , the role of security and keeping our citizens safe and the work that your employees do on a  day to day basis as security guards is something that is very important and vital and important to talk about on this day.
  • What are some challenges that your business faces as a security firm where your employees are on the front lines keeping us safe, especially in open and public spaces?
  • You started trinity protection services a few months before 9/11 occurred, how have your thoughts and views changed in the security space before that fateful day and afterwards?
  • How have things changed for you since 9/11, now 12 years later for you and your business and just the security space in general?
  • Did the Boston Marathon bombing change anything about what you do in regard to the security space and keeping people and citizens safe in public spaces.
  • Many times the general public takes security for granted, but it’s a job that the professionals take seriously every day in the field. What’s the training process like for your workers and the folks you hire. Who do you recruit and how do your train your employees who are on the front lines everyday securing the public, providing safety and doing their job?
  • In a perfect world what are a few things that you would want for your business and the security space in general that would make life easier for you and your business and the security space that you’re involved in?
  • Does your business just do work domestically or are you and trinity protection services always looking to expand internationally with all the work that you do in the security space?
  • With security and keeping us safe always being a challenge and difficult job every day, what are some challenges you feel you and your business and others will face over the next 5 to 10 years the security space and keeping it safe?

Duration: 23:00

Trinity Protection Services was founded and incorporated by Greg Hollis. Trinity Protection Services’ founding mission is to provide state-of-the-art physical security services for commercial and residential entities, city, state, and federal governments. At Trinity Protection Services, we are in the business of providing first-class safeguarding services. From public buildings to private residences, we have dedicated ourselves to putting our client’s safety needs at the center of every decision and transaction.

Specializing in security services, Trinity provides a select range of protective services and supplies to include: Armed/Unarmed Guard Services, Investigative Services, and Security Equipment. Our security measures serve to promote the protection of company and personal assets, combat potential threats, and mitigate security breaches. We use top rated UL listed equipment to protect your facility and personnel and maintain an astounding 98% approval rating from our current customer base.We are best known for our unending commitment to outstanding customer service and our dedicated to providing outstanding security professionals who are thoroughly trained to protect our client’s valuable assets. Trinity Protection Services has an uncompromising commitment to its clients and intends to continue to provide quality customer service, performance and vital services that meet the ever-changing needs of the security industry.

Greg Hollis spent a career of 20 years in the mortgage industry, working, managing, and owning mortgage companies. Over his career Greg has been responsible for lending more than $1 billion dollars in mortgages.

By age 28 Greg had built and sold a successful Mortgage brokerage, Pinnacle Financial Services, Inc. Shortly after, he was solicited for, and accepted a position as Vice President, Mortgage Division of a national bank, where he was responsible for establishing start up and operating procedures, as well as obtaining OCC approval for DC’s Theodore Roosevelt National Bank to open with a mortgage division.

During Greg’s mortgage tenure he was responsible for making a success of a then littleknown mortgage program, FHA 203(k) rehab loan. The success of this program allowed HUD to insure loans in metropolitan Washington DC under the program from a low in1988 of less than 200 loans, to over 4000 loans by 1993. His phenomenal success in this area granted him unlimited speaking engagements, seminars, a radio show, and themoniker “the 203(k) man”.

After a successful career in the mortgage industry, Greg set his sights and abilities on the security industry. After working in an intensive sales training program under Ken Dash, President, CEO of Smart Homes Technologies, Greg was ready to venture on his own again. He, along with John White, started Trinity Protection Services, Inc.

Trinity began formation in 2000 with formal incorporation in April 2001, and Greg began taking over as sole shareholder after a buyout in February 2002. Since then, Greg has presided over exceptional year over year growth since the company’s existence, including licensing in 23 states to date.

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