House Moving: Mommy’s Quick And Easy Guide

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You’re moving to a new home? Congratulations! Now’s the hard and complicated part of any house purchase – the actual move. Almost all families – and virtually everyone who’s in the process of moving – has experienced difficulties in moving, one way or the other. This is all the more so in your case, as you have a family to run and even a professional life to consider. Just because you have all these responsibilities with you doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to conduct a successful house move. Sometimes, all that matters are a bit of planning and a dash of good execution. Here are some steps for you to pull off a quick and easy house move:

  • Get the family involved in the moving process. You don’t have to do things alone. While we want to be able to make the family as relaxed as they should in the moving process, you can actually use this opportunity to get the family together and be much closer. Try to have dinner or lunch where you’d discuss the moving process. Try to assign people to supervise the packing of certain rooms, or give them certain roles throughout the moving process. This gives them a sense of responsibility for what they own and helps them really treat their new house as theirs.
  • Check out the location first. One of the things you should do first before you conduct the moving process is to check out your new home. Whether or not your home is ready to be occupied or needs a bit of renovation, it helps to check the area around your new home so you can prepare your family for the moving process. Where do you plan on putting your packages before sorting them into the rooms? Where would you stay in the meantime? Are there any restaurants and malls you can have your kids hang out in while you sort out your belongings? If you’re moving to New York, is there are moving company New York City that can handle your move? This is important as you also need to think about the comfort of your family while on the move.
  • Create an inventory of the things you own. One of the most essential steps in the moving process that we tend to forget is to assess the things we own. We can do this by making an inventory of everything we own and plan to bring with us. It helps to do this so you have a good idea about the things you own, what they’re made of, how much you’ve bought them, and other essential notes that might be of use to you in the long run. You can do this digitally or physically – what matters is that you always hold this copy with you while sorting out your things, talking with contractors and moving companies, as well as when you plan on throwing out or selling things.
  • Schedule according to your daily life routine. When moving, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your schedule for the sake of packing. Try to get the family together and clarify what your schedules are. To those with work – when are their free times? When do they have days off? How many leaves can they avail? Can they file for an extended leave? Will their bosses understand if they ask for a bit of time off? To those with school – when are their free days? Can they talk to school officials about their moving situation? Try to have a unified schedule and pack during the days you’re free, and not sacrifice your daily routine for the move.
  • Get the help of professionals. If you’re having a bit of trouble moving things around on your end, you can ask the help of long distance movers to help move your belongings with you even if you are moving from California to Florida. While it might “save” money for you to just bring things on your own, this only works if you have a ton of trucks or a ton of money for gas and roundtrips – which defeats the point of saving money. What you can do is to hire a moving company so you can have the assistance of a team skilled and trained in moving belongings to different places. This also saves you time and energy to at least focus on just packing and spending time planning for other stuff in the move – such as where to put your belongings, and how to spend your first few months at home.

Mommies And Moving: It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

As with the above tips, you don’t have to worry about your move being complicated and difficult. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean it’s impossible to conduct a move. In fact, once you get the hang of the steps above, you’ll likely be a moving wizard in no time. Remember, the most important element of a house move is making sure you follow your schedule, and you don’t sacrifice your home and professional life for it. This means you need to find the right balance between scheduling your packing and travel, as well as your management of the household and its many elements. With the tips above, you’ll likely be able to pull off both without a hitch.

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