Hoteliers’ insights on business travelers and their expectations

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The hotel market is comprised of a various segments, like business and leisure travelers. And of course these segments have different travel patterns with special needs and wants. A clear understanding all of traveler types will lead your hotel to huge success. Today we want to talk about business type. We have identified several important items, that help you better understand business visitors.

Favourite business travelers’ amenities

Location. Find a balance of being close to the office, boardroom or conference centre and being conveniently located to the city center is the key to a successful business trip. Feel free to use the winning location in advertising.

Flexible and quick check-in. That’s what business visitors want more than anything. Some hoteliers offer online check-in, but it’s a rarity. The main thing is see to it that a hotel manager provide a quick check-in service.

Free internet and handy power sockets. People are more plugged in than ever. Internet service have to be fast and easy to connect to and rooms have to numerous conveniently located power sockets. Visitors shouldn’t have to move furniture to find them.

Ironing and laundry services. For business guests personal appearance is even more important than for average one. Help them look perfect by having an ironing services and laundry services in the hotel. If that’s not possible, at least equip rooms with ironing board and iron. 

Healthy snacks/breakfasts and bar. Business visitors are always on the move. They give preference to nutritious, delicious breakfasts. You can help them be more energy by providing dried fruits, nuts, fruit in rooms. And for those who don’t have enough time, offer breakfasts to-go.

Also help your visitors relax after a productive working day. А hotel bar should be open, if business guests return in the middle of evening.Or just offer them a mini-bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in rooms.

Quiet and peace. After a long trip or a busy working day, business travellers need some rest. Place your guests in rooms furthest from noisy streets. Bright light also can be distracting, so improve on your rooms with curtains or roller blinds.

Hotels, that serve the needs of business travelers, and how it influences their revenue

Traveling for business can be tiresome and stressful, but staying at the hotel, that is focused on business visitors, can help ensure a much better experience. It’s not that easy to find hotels in Ukraine, that clearly separated travellers’ needs. Here are some hotels that keep up with the times and meet the requirements of the modern market.

Premier Hotel Dnister, Lviv

Premier Hotel Dnister is a property in the heart of ancient city of Lviv. Thanks to its location, business travellers have easy access to and from the area’s main attractions. Premier Hotel Dnister is modern, chic hotel — perfect choice for short business trip or a few days holiday. Business travellers will get reliable WiFi, a laptop desk, more plug points, ironing services, good lighting, press delivery in the room, currency exchange, luggage office, safe, etc.

Also business travellers will have a room that could fulfil a dual purpose: relaxation after a long journey and accomplishing office work. 

Premier Hotel Lybid, Kiev

Premier Hotel Lybid is located in the business and historical center of the capital of Ukraine. It’s a best place to mix business with pleasure. 

Accommodation in hotel includes a daily buffet breakfast, laundry plus ironing services, evening cocktails, hypoallergenic number ordering service, order a table for a laptop in room, sports equipment and more. Premier Hotel Lybid specifically designed to make business clients feel at home when on the go. 

How it influences revenue? $1.3 trillion was spent on global business travel in 2018. Hotel market research has revealed that 45% of travellers around the world are booking hotels for visits that occur during the workweek. One-third of global business hotel stays are for five nights or longer. Just look at the data: the business of hosting business travellers is becoming more profitable. According to report, the sector is estimated to reach $1.6 trillion by next year.

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