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Hire Smart: An Interview with Rania Sedhom and Stephanie Allen

Posted: February 7, 2023 at 11:24 am / by / comments (0)

Liability starts with your job advertisement. If you make a mistake, you could end up paying for it. Founder of Sedhom Law Group PLLC Rania Sedhom and Fractional COO Stephanie Allen are joining forces to help business owners make smart decisions when hiring in 2023.

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Q: As a successful lawyer with your own law firm in NYC, what in your experience is the biggest mistake you see employers make when it comes to approaching the hiring process?

Rania: Asking the wrong questions is single handedly the biggest hurdle clients face during the interview process. It is understandable, there are so many rules related to what you can and can’t ask, time is limited, sometimes too many candidates apply for a job, and founders and hiring managers want to move with aplomb.

Q: As a consultant working with CEOs, why do you think that this is an area Ceos and Executives need to learn about instead of delegating to their HR team?

Stephanie: Stephanie: It is rare that you find two like minded professionals with complementary services. Our personalities work, as does our advice. For clients, that is a match made in Heaven.

Q: How often do you see risks occurring, is it due to non-compliance or just a lack of awareness?

Rania & Stephanie:A bit of both. Some questions that are illegal in some states are not illegal in others. Small business owners don’t always have the processes in place to change questions based on a candidate’s geography and often there are times you may not know from where a candidate will be working when asking the questions. Other times, the laws can be so granular or specific that hiring managers and CEOs may be unaware of the law, particularly if those CEOs are foreign entities with a satellite US operations.

Q: Do you think this current climate is harder for CEOs to navigate when it comes to hiring?

Rania & Stephanie: Yes. Geography, size of company, and industry all play a role in which laws apply to which company.

Q: How can one bad hire cripple the business?

Rania & Stephanie: In some instances, a company can be fined as much as $250,000 for a single prohibited question. Also, it is possible to be sued by someone because you did not interview them.

Q: You mention that reactivity is expensive, what does that mean for the average business owner?

Rania & Stephanie: CEOs and hiring managers must be prepared prior to hiring talent to mitigate risks. Due to lack of time, some executives and hiring managers do not have a full hiring roadmap. Depending on what occurs during the interview process, lack of preparedness can lead to avoidable costs.

Q: What will those who attend the Hire Smart workshop get out of it?

Rania & Stephanie: Learn how to hire smart of course.

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