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Helping entrepreneurs and professionals in the spa industry grow their business

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Lori Hulshof, a luminary in the Licensed Esthetician and the entrepreneur behind SPL Professional, a skincare product and growth partner for licensed professionals who want to offer high-quality skincare products at their salon or spa joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Lori Hulshof discuss the following:

  1. According to a Technavio Market Report, The global skin care products market will generate a revenue of more than USD 137 billion by 2021, owing to increasing product innovation and product line extensions. How does the SPL Professional Brand help other skin care industry entrepreneurs tap into this revenue source?
  2. What makes SPL Professional different from other product lines?
  3. Pigmentation, aging, and acne are some of the major concerns among target customers. How do your products help other skin care entrepreneurs reach this segment of the marketplace?
  4. The Technavio study identifies the growing popularity of professional, at-home products and kits as one of the top skincare trends. Which at-home products are your best sellers?
  5. For entrepreneurs who are looking for more than just a product, what do you have to offer them in terms of partnerships and mentoring?

Lori Hulshof is a Licensed Esthetician based in Charlotte, NC. She’s the entrepreneur behind the Skin Pro Lori services spa and SPL Professional, a skincare product partner for licensed professionals who want to offer high-quality skincare products at their salon or spa. With 20 years of experience, Lori enjoys helping other licensed skincare and beauty professionals implement the SPL Professional System to grow their own businesses.

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