Guide to Writing a Case Study Analysis for Business School

Case studies are exceptionally popular when it comes to Business school assignments and many students are not sure they can handle this kind of tasks within the given deadline. However, you shouldn’t get discouraged, and even if the deadline is close, before you hire a professional business case study writer online, try getting started following our practical tips. With our guide to writing a case study analysis for business school, you can deal with the most challenging parts of this work. We will give some hints on how much time each step can take, but these numbers are only preliminary, you should not be worried if it takes you longer to deal with this analysis.

30 minutes – 1.5 hours. Read a case study thoroughly several times, make notes.

There are case studies which take 5-6 sentences even, and there are cases which take more than several pages. Depending on your case, you will spend around one hour to get acquainted with your case study fully. Don’t get fooled — even if the case study takes about 5 minutes to read, it doesn’t mean you are done with this point. If you have time left take a notebook, or open another doc and write the major points of case study as you remember them, without looking at the initial document. You will soon understand that you don’t remember some valuable parts. Read again — retell again. It takes time but very soon you will feel like you really understand what you are dealing with and it is half of the success.

1.5 – 3 hours. Identify problems, choose the biggest one, link problems with each other and the major problem.

You should identify not more than 5 problems in your case study if the case is really big, and 1-3 if the case is short or average. Among those problems, you should identify the most substantial one and connect others to it. Again, your case study is a system, and you should think of it as of a system — there are no problems which are not connected to other problems. If you can’t connect one problem to another, it means you don’t understand the system and you haven’t identified the major problem right. Once you identify the problems and analyze how they are interconnected, you can move to look for who is responsible, and it is always a fun part.

1.5 – 3 hours. Decide on what impact those problems have on the organization and find who is responsible for them.

Here you need to explain how these particular problems, their system affect an enterprise. You need to give practical examples and don’t explain some broad impressions you have. All the information needed you will find in the case study itself, but you can also add some examples if they are relevant. For instance, you know that some big known companies like Apple or Google faced similar problems. Learn how they handled them and how those affected their work and add this information to your case analysis. After that decide on who is responsible for those problems and what can be done with it. Remember, firing people is the last thing that you should suggest. When looking for those responsible remember that people in companies are also interconnected and not all the problems are the result of their free will or low competence.

2 – 3 hours. Offer several possible solutions.

You should offer at least 2-3 solutions for those problems described in the given case study. You should give pros and cons for each offered solution, explain why they are applicable in this case, give real-life examples if possible, show their perspective gains and possible threats, etc. Be concise, don’t write pages and pages, remember that the logic of solutions’ description should be the same for each offered solution.

1 hour. Describe the most suitable solution.

When making an analysis of the case study, you should finally choose one solution that is the most suitable for this situation. Even if you’ve found 5 perfect solutions you should show which one is the best and explain why. It is not an easy thing to do, because often solutions simply look alike. Remember that your case study is a system, and your solution should affect all the problems you’ve listed. Your solution should be able to cause a positive chain reaction.

1.5 – 2 hours. Editing, proofreading, formatting, extra checks, anti-plagiarism check, etc.

You need to pay extra time on editing and proofreading your case study analysis. Don’t neglect using anti-plagiarism checkers. Of course, we know that you would never steal someone else’s thoughts, bt technical plagiarism is always possible, and it can ruin everything. Read your text at least twice before you submit it.

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