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Going From Blogger to Author with Barbara Barnett

Posted: January 24, 2012 at 9:41 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Going From Blogger to Author with Barbara Barnett

Barbara Barnett, co-executive editor for Blogcritics, an Internet publication, where she writes on everything from politics to technology to all things pop culture joins Enterprise Radio. Her blogging success led her to publish her first book, Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House M.D. The book explores the themes, characters and storylines of the hit TV show “House”.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Barbara Barnett discuss the following:

  1. When did you start writing/writing professionally?
  2. How did you get into blogging?
  3. Platform is crucial in publishing today. How did you build a strong enough platform to attract an agent and then a publisher?
  4. Tell us about the publishing experience?
  5. What’s involved for a traditionally published author in promoting a new book–or even one out there for a while?

TIP: Platform, platform, platform!!! For many bloggers, aspiring to publish a book that means hooking up with an established e-zine (like Blogcritics). You can build a readership and a solid portfolio and just write. Writing for an established magazine gives you access to materials and personalities you may not have simply writing your own blog. Then write–a lot! Read everything you publish to your blog ALOUD–twice. If it sounds off, it probably is. One of the nice things about these e-mags is that they’re edited (to a greater or lesser degree). As a writer, you’ll learn a lot while you build your platform.

Duration: 19:37

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About Barbara Barnett:

Barbara Barnett is the co-executive editor for the Internet magazine Blogcritics and author of Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House M.D.. Barbara writes on everything from politics to technology to all things pop culture. An experienced public speaker, Barbara speaks on topics from blogging and the author experience to politics and Jewish values through a pop culture lens.

Barbara’s blogging journey started out as a part-time career, but quickly transformed into a full-time enterprise within a few years. She started blogging about her favorite TV series “House” on Live Journal back in 2005, eventually joining Blogcritics in 2007 to take her writing career to the next level.

Her most well-known BC column, “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process: An Introspective Look at House, M.D.”, provides her in-depth analysis of “House” episodes, along with cast and creative team. The column’s rapid success resulted into a loyal following, interviews with series stars and producers, a book deal, and was eventually she was named co-executive editor of BC in 2010. Barbara’s blog nets over 20,000 hits per week.

Barbara’s first published book, Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House M.D., was released in 2010. The book explores the themes, characters and storylines of the hit TV show “House”.

Recently, Barbara interviewed the co-creators, Jane Espenson and Cheeks actor, Sean Hemeon, from the popular web series “Husbands” via Skype. Barbara has now started a blog about the hit TV show “Once Upon A Time“, where Espenson is one of the writers and producers of the show.

Although Barbara mainly writes for BC, she also continues to run her personal blog on

Barbara’s next appearance is on Thursday, Jan. 26 where she will be the featured speaker for RAW Marketing’s “How to Go From Blogger to Author” Seminar at the Woodfield-Schaumburg Hyatt Regency from 7:30-8 p.m. To purchase a ticket, visit

You can learn more about Barbara by logging onto her official website, visiting her Facebook or following her on Twitter.

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