Going against the grain: The story of creating a challenger brand that is redefining the gin category

Anshuman Vohra

Anshuman Vohra, Founder and CEO of BULLDOG Gin, a new world gin, infused with a captivating blend of twelve botanicals joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Anshuman Vohra discuss the following:

  • Let’s start by giving our listeners a quick overview of BULLDOG Gin, its beginnings and your role.
  • Tell us about what makes BULLDOG stand out among the crowded spirits landscape.
  • BULLDOG is a relatively new brand to the spirits and gin category. What are the biggest challenges for growth, where are you seeing the most success and what is your point of view for expanding the category?
  • You have talked about your journey from banking to BULLDOG. Can you expand on how you transitioned from that industry and utilized the knowledge you gained in that business to succeed as an entrepreneur?
  • What does the future look like for BULLDOG?

Conclusion Tip: Be the challenger. As an entrepreneur (and as a human being), I have stood up for what I believed in, done things a little differently – and it has reaped its rewards on many levels. Don’t be afraid to follow your passions and take the road less traveled.


Born in India, Anshuman Vohra’s parents wanted him to follow a more traditional career path and be a doctor, but never one to follow convention, Anshuman fought tradition and pursued a professional tennis career.

His dreams led him to the United States, where he attended high school at the famed Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida. After high school, he competed as an NCAA Division 1 college tennis player whilst studying at The College of William & Mary College in Virginia, and later in tournaments on the professional circuit. Having majored in finance he secured a position as an analyst with J.P. Morgan once his tennis career ended.

As someone with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Anshuman knew he did not see the world of finance as his final destination, and that he wanted to work for himself. He became increasingly aware he was the only one his age drinking gin and talking about it enthusiastically, a passion he puts down to his father who was an avid gin fan and loved to talk to him from an early age about the flavours, the serves and its origins. He determined that others were choosing vodka over gin because of its more neutral flavour and he saw an opportunity…

While working as a financier he started to conceive his own brand of premium gin with a more neutral flavour profile and more modern image that would appeal to vodka lovers and new gin drinkers. In 2004 Anshuman took the proverbial plunge and said goodbye to the finance sector to launch BULLDOG.

A self-avowed Anglophile, he started by approaching distilleries across the UK, searching for someone who could deliver the taste and quality he was looking for. His search landed him at the door of G&J Greenall, the UK’s oldest continuous gin producer. Together they created a gin with twelve botanicals from eight countries. An exotic blend to create a distinctive flavour profile, largely inspired by his travels around the globe during his childhood. Using the best quality British wheat and water they started with triple distilled neutral grain spirit which was then distilled once more, adding in the distinctive botanicals to the mix to deliver a smooth, balanced spirit that mixes with everything.

In the past eight years, BULLDOG has become the fastest growing gin in the world and a top 5 premium gin globally. A distribution deal with Gruppo Campari, starting in 2014, has enabled Anshuman to continue to realise his global plans with presence in over 75 markets.

BULLDOG - London Dry Gin

Website: www.bulldoggin.com

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